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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania on 2019-02-05 18:12:00 - Driving my son to a cub scout meeting we observed what looked like stadium lights up in the sky.

on february 5th at 6:10 p.M., our youngest son(10) and i left to go to his cub scout meeting. i always take the back way which goes around the montgomery county reservoir. it was an unusually warm day, and sunset was 5:24 p.M. as we drove along i noticed(at a glance) what to me looked like "stadium" lights, but was about 800-900 feet high. now, i'd like to point out that along this stretch of road when the high school has a football game you can clearly see the sky a glow with stadium lights. and you can also see most of the lights themselves. so at this point when i saw the lights in the sky, the first thing i thought of was the stadium lights. but, this was not the case. there was no game, no stadium lights, and this was way too high in the air to be even remotely close to being the stadium lights. so, anyway, when i first glanced at it, i'm thinking "what the hell is that?" i glanced back up and said to my son, "******, what the hell are those lights over there, do you see it?" they were just hovering there not moving. i'm driving, so i can't keep an eye on it and can only glance at it every now and then because the road turns, and winds around a bridge. by the second turn in the road i can't see it anymore, but it's still there because i can see my son looking out the window at it. i asked my son if he can still see it, and i'm trying to duck down, move my head around, anything so i can try to see this thing but i just can't because i don't want to go off the road. i'm trying to watch my sons head to see what direction he's looking at. as we're driving i'm telling my son to keep watching it, and i must have sounded like a broken record because i kept saying, "can you see it, is it still there, is it moving?" by now we've driven about a 1/4 mile and as we're driving i can see my son's head slowly turning to keep watching it. the object was still there, stationary, not moving. about another 1/8 mile later i can see my son looking almost behind us, so i asked him, "can you still see it, where is it?" by now i needed to make a right onto ****** road, so i thought, great, now maybe i can see this thing again. i can't see it, i'm frantically looking around, but cant see it. i'm going by what my son saw now because i can't see it. part way down the road after we turned he said it slowly started to move and then took off in a westerly direction moving at a "medium" speed, and then disappeared. it didn't fade away when it left, it disappeared. about 30-40 seconds later we arrived at the church where his meeting was. i jumped out as fast as i could but saw nothing. i said to my son, "can you believe that? you saw it, right? that was freakin wild, oh my word, that was no plane. planes don't hover, planes don't have lights like that, there's no way that was a helicopter. what was that?" i was all beside myself, shaking, just looking around. i'm reporting this the next day, because i just really can't explain what i saw. i tried picturing all the aircraft i've ever seen. i spent the next hour or so trying to figure out what this thing was. i tried my best to explain it away as a plane or something. but i just can't. i do believe in extra terrestrials, but i'm skeptical at the same time. i've seen some pretty "horrible" pictures of someone claiming they saw a ufo. and most of the time i'm thinking "seriously, a ufo, c'mon really" but this is not the case. what we saw can't be explained. also, we live in an area where there are no night time aircraft, nothing. commercial aircraft are always visible at night, but you can always tell they are commercial airliners by their lights, distance away, etc. we have two small airports in the area. one is quakertown airport which is 9 miles away, but i've never seen small aircraft out at night. and even during the day i don't see many small planes. the other one is 5 miles away, but is a very, very small place. no small aircraft at night from there either. these lights were not from any plane.

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Credit: MUFON

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