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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Wilson, New York on 1997-07-07 18:40:00 - My parents and i saw oval shaped ufo hovering over road less than 100 yards from our vehicle excelerate from 0 to unknown speed with no sound at all

I was driving my parents to bingo to meet friend. i was waiting for a car to pass to make left turn , when car passed i started to turn and noticed the vehicle that went by put on brakes and we then noticed craft hovering. the other vehicle would have been almost directly beneath the craft. my parents and i had perfect view straight out the windshield. the object was oval shaped about 80 feet by 40 feet with drooped sides. about 20 feet from top to bottom. our feeling were, and we said almost together, " what the hell is that." after we watched the object took off in a southenly direction at a veru high rate of speed and was just a dot on the horizon in seconds. with absolutly no sound. also unrelated to this i want to provide you a name of a person, still living in lewiston ny who was working as aeronautic engineer for bell aerospace that was sent to roswell to see a , as he said, "a crashed weather balloon." when i told him about what my parents and i saw, he said " what he say in roswell was not a weather balloon". you could see he was very nervous and would not say exactly what he had seen. he is now 97 years old, and i'm hoping he would now talk about it. his name is william crandall jr. residing in lewiston ny. i'm sure you can check information from bell. i do know that while at bell he worked on rocket development, up to lunar program, because he talked openly about the x program and the apollo program.. back to my sighting, it was my parents, (now deceased), and myself. as usual we did'nt know who to tell this to at the time of the sighting. we told family members and a few friends only, and i've told my wife. please use email to contact at this time. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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