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Sunday, February 24, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Westminster, Maryland on 2019-02-24 21:50:00 - Red, star-like, left a trail,

I had just gotten home and i went out to walk my dog for about 5 minutes as i was walking i was looking up into the sky and thinking about alien life, other planets with life, being abducted by aliens what it would be like and as i was thinking about this i was walking back to my house and as i’m walking back i look up into the sky again and it looks normal, then all of the sudden there is this red star-like object that apeared and as it flew across the sky it is leaving a red trail and then it just disappears and i hear like a popping sound. i don’t know what it was if it could be flare or something but i know for sure it could not have been a star because it just disappeared in the middle of the sky following the popping sound. please respond to this with anything it could’ve been if im wrong or maybe it could’ve been something a person in my neighborhood shot up. also i know this is also not a firework because there was no blowing up in the sky and also it shot straight acrosss the sky it didn’t go straight up the sky. what i felt while i saw the object flying across was happiness and questions popped in my head which caused me to come to this website, i felt happy because it shows that i saw that for a reason, it was not a coincidence because before that happened as i said looked into the sky and began to think about alien life and what it would be like if i could see or meet and extraterrestrial one day and then all the sudden i see this object. but anyways thank you for reading over this and possibly responding.

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Credit: MUFON

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