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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sebastian Inlet, Florida on 1989-06-01 20:00:00 - Encounter approx 5 mils offshore sebastian inlet aboard 40ft vessel with my wife 8 months pregnant, and two crew

On or about june 01/1989 at approx 7-8pm i was operating my vessel 5 miles offshore of florida's east coast heading offshore for some night fishing. the ocean was very calm with light winds. it was just after sunset when i observed a large dark cloud behind us and gaining ground, as the cloud got closer the winds and seas abruptly changed, in a matter of minutes the ocean went from 0 to 6-8 ft seas . i barely had the time to deploy the anchor to wait out the storm. my wife who was 8 month pregnant was crying and scared at the unexplained change in conditions, it was so rough that i had to climb into a bunk with my wife to chalk-up her body with mine so she didn't fall out. (there was no rain in the storm). all i can recall after laying down with my wife was waking up and looking around (for a moment i forgot where i was) as i looked around i remembered i was on the boat in a storm but at this time the boat was not moving "at all". the vessel was sitting perfectly still as if it were on land. my wife was still in a deep sleep so i made my way to the main salon where i saw one of my mates asleep on the couch, he was half-on and half-off the couch with his head on the floor and his waist and legs on the couch. the other mate was in a sitting position in the doorway to the salon, he was asleep with a fishing pole in his arms. the water was absolutely still (not a breath of wind or a ripple on the ocean). i looked up and saw a perfectly clear sky, full of stars. i woke both mate's up and asked them; "what happened"? they did not know. we had no idea what happened to us or how long we had been asleep. i then woke my wife and she seemed fine but had no memory of the incident. it has always been my deepest belief that something was in the cloud that influenced the weather and all the crew. i have never made this encounter public because of fear of ridicule. note: i have been a professional mariner for over 35yrs, i have spent countless yrs at sea and as a licensed captain i can tell you that i never sleep very well while at sea (always on alert). that said, we have to consider it was only 8pm, my pregnant wife was onboard and i was experiencing a major storm, there is simply "no way" i would fall deep asleep under these conditions. lastly, the two crew members i had onboard are two of the most seasoned crew you can find, they both have fished with me for years, there is simply no way they would both fall asleep in these conditions or the manor they did.

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Credit: MUFON

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