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Friday, February 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Gagetown, Michigan on 2014-03-07 00:00:00 - It was after 11:30 pm when i saw it and it scared me. it was large v shape with 3 very bright lights. one light in front and one light on each side of the back of the v

On march 7th in 2014 at around 11:30 pm after the 11 pm news i had forgot to clean my cats litter box. that winter the snow was deep so i wanted to go get my mail out of the mailbox down by the road. the only way i could get there was walk down my driveway as i use a cane. i got to the end of my driveway at the edge of the road and all of a sudden this bright lights hits my face i look it's is hovering above my late friends barn across the road from me i was so scared i drop my cats litter box from my hand. it was v shape and larger than the barn with 3 very bright lights ! i heard a very low hum and i could feel energy from it. i went to pick up the litter box as i wanted to get in the house and as i pick the litter box up it vanish. i just stood there and i couldn't move. this only lasted 10 seconds. as i was still standing there in shock ! here came 2 f18 fighter planes from the south and circled the area 2 times and they covered about a 3 mile area at around 15,ooo feet high up. and they went back south to the military base that is 90 miles south of me. after what i saw i went in the house and drew a sketch out of what i saw that night. that night i had a hard time getting to sleep. the next morning i turn on the tv to watch the news and the malaysia flight mh 370 was missing and i had a bad feeling about it that they would never find it after what i saw the night before. latter that day i ask my friend across the road. did you see anything late last night? that all that i said to him. my friend and his family live in the basement. he said yes i did i went to go to the kitchen and the basement was a light up! i went to the basement window trying to find were the bright light was coming from and then it got dark. then i told my friend what i seen and he knew i was telling him the truth. sadly he was my only witness as he passed away in 2016. but i know the military f 18's was there that night to. i told this to my girlfriend and then i told a few of my other friends and they thought i was nut's but my girlfriend did not think i was nuts. i live out in the country side i have always wish i could set something up to hear sounds from space or see into space as i have always love space exploring but i just don't have the money to do it being disabled. i know what i saw and i will never forget it and i want this true story to be told. now i look to the sky every clear night... in 2010 something else happen to me and my girl friend is my witness to that, but that another true story.

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Credit: MUFON

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