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Sunday, February 3, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Norcross, Georgia on 2014-10-15 06:10:00 - A cylinder ufo in a stationary position then being chased by helicopters and floating ball of light

It was 6am in the morning, very dark morning. it was october 2014. i was in my mom’s car with my silblings, we were heading to the gas station because my mom wanted to add gas to her car and later take us to school. as we were getting to gas station, my mom stopped the car at the stop sign maybe but i am not sure why she stopped but there appeared a floating ball of light in front of the car. me and her stared at it and i was asking myself “what was that?”. the object moved away from the car in slow motion and my mom drove off and went to the gas station. she went inside the gas station store and me and my siblings stayed in the car and suddenly, i see a cylinder shaped ufo in mid air. it was on the west side of the car that i was in. it appeared to be over the ground from 20-50 feet. it wasn’t exactly over the car but it was near the car. i had this huge feeling that i can’t say what it’s called but it’s a feeling that you get when you have seen something like whatever you’re seeing or somewhere you are and you feel like you’ve seen it before or been to that place. that’s what i felt. i remember thinking it was a satellite and i remember saying to myself that it’s the satellite again. i was twelve years old so i was not that smart so i obviously now know that satellites can’t act like that inside the earth. i was shocked seeing it though. i stayed staring at it and i remember very well how it looked like. it was black and had these stick like things on some parts of the object. it stayed in a stationary position. i took photos of it with my mom’s photos but sadly those photos are gone. i was only 12 years old so i wasn’t that smart to save the photos. anyway, i remember telling my brother who at the time was 8. but i think he didn’t see the ufo though, i don’t remember well what he was doing in the car but i think he was sleeping and didn’t want to see it because he was sleepy at the time. but i wrote in my journal back in early 2015 that he saw it with me too but when i ask him about it, he doesn’t remember, possibly because of how young he was at the time and especially that he was sleeping in the car during the incident. also i wrote in the journal that some other people saw the first ufo that i saw, which was the floating ball of light. i wrote that in a journal back in 2015 and honestly now, i don’t remember if there were other people there in their cars on that road where the ball of light appeared in front of us. anyway, my other brother was nearly 2 years old so he obviously was not going to see the ufo and he wouldn’t remember it as well. later, a black helicopter came out of no where and started going after the cylinder shaped object and the object moved away and went past by this small forest that was there near the gas station. nothing else happened and the ufo was gone and so was that helicopter. i remember almost every single detail of what happened in that moment. it was such an incredible moment for me. i remember thinking of it all day at school. i don’t think i told anyone about it that day but after that day, i have always been very interested in aliens and ufos. i have been doing my research on them since then so i know so much about them and people’s experiences that involve them. the photos that i have added to this to mufon’s page show photos that i have taken of what i wrote in my journal about the incident back in early 2015 and what i drew back then of the ufos that i saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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