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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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UFO Landing in Laurel, Delaware on 2015-06-15 10:59:00 - I really didn't know how to fill this out but i did a lot of searching threw my time i tried to run away from a personal problem that changed my life ever since this happen i can not stop thinking about them and how our government ain't nothing but liars

I was having problems in life where i didn't want to live in society i was just going to disappear i got on my bike that following morning crying on my bike cause of my girlfriend left me i road my bike to the country side and i just said know what i'm just going to end it i remember going threw the field my hand held down i seen cars road buy i remember i hurd someone say i'm calling the cops i guessed i looked suspicious but i just kept riding with my head down i remember come up to some woods and i stopped i got off my bike and walked i wasint thinking i just walked and as i was crying and as was walking i camed up on a prymid shaped craft it was a bluesh black carbon gray colored as i got closed to it i remember seeing egyptian like caving on it i touched it and it felt like something i never felt it was different from touching mettle and any other thing that was hard then to my left a being that bluesh grayesh color it spoke to me and said i'm a alariyan i'm pararlized i can't move or nothing and im scared i couldn't scream she said don't be afriad we don't hurt humans or mankind we are not like others we are more of a peaceful race she then put up her hand and on each exact of her finger tip glowed and my fear went away i then spoke to her i asked are you alone why you hear she then said no i'm not alone i'm with other of my kind and we came here to observe this planet and the ways of its life i then stood there in shock then she said other can hear us speak to each other even my little one can then on the right of her a little alien came right up beside her i'm just there still lost in shock trying to figure out what's going on is this happening did i came across a movie site by accident then the boy showed his hand and a floating object was there and it came towards me and scaterd into pieces and he smiles and says i play with you it was actually touching it was something different and then the ship started to change from prymid to triangle oval shape then door open and i seen to adult male come out i then got scared all over again one of them said my name and said can we show you something also i'm curious about you before i knew it i was in the ship it happened so fast i then took my phone out tried to capture all this then my phone latterly evaporated i just can't believe what happen i couldn't really comprehend i then said where y'all from then they said we from a planet electa then he start on telling me how they was in a war with another alien race and that electa was destroyed to where they couldn't live there and he said that the aliens on our planet also know as the grays was also in war with another race and that if we allow them to do what they want on earth other races will invade and that the grays can not be trusted and then they said its time to go they have picked up on our ship and then i said who and he said my government the grays told them we are here and they are coming and i was supossed to leave but the alien the female said i would be in danger let's move him to a location when's its still some time and i was still in shocked about all this like this is really happing and then the boy told me what is your race called i know its lighter humans but what different skin why different hair i then said cause i'm know and african american or black some would say and i asked why are your skin they way and the woman just laughed and i asked if i could come with them to they world and see it and she agreed only if her leader would give permission then she left and i was with the two males and the child not to long she returns and said yes you can but u will half to remain in the ship i never got to fully explain these beings they was dressed like old egyptian people they kind of big eyes but they was blue and gray and the a type of ornmet on there head and they was tall and was similar to humans but different skin and different heads then he's said we going to bend space it self to get to our new planet and as i was watching it looked like waves was coming from the the front of the ship it was something i couldn't explain it wasn't like what we see on tv or movies when going threw a worm hold it was something i couldn't explain and we waited for at least 20 mins and i came up on a white and blue planet the grass on that planet was white and water was a pretty blue i seen types of creatures even dragon like creatures and then i send cities floating ones and some of them were pyramids like the ones in egypt it was beautiful really beautiful they was using things that was attached to the the was giving them the ability to moved objects it was like they had powers and one of the males said a ship crash landed on earth and the devices that was was being used was on that ship and in the wrong hands it could be deadly and then the woman said it time to go as we left i was asked if i could give some blood and agreed sure if that's what you want and then held up my arm then this fund like thing was stuck to my arm i asked is it going to to hurt she said no you won't even feel a thing and then blood start to come out and i didn't feel nothing i didn't even have a mark it was unbelievable then at the same place where i first came in to contact one of the males said your people are at that site where would like to drop you off i said my house then i as i was about to leave i remember the little boy said i promise i'll see you again and a divce he had took like a picture and he said my name and i hugged him but as i exited the ship i stoop on the plate form and she said stay still and said one day you should tell your people about your experience with us and in the near future hopefully we can reveal our self's without having to hide or worry about your government and the ones who is work with and be for i knew it i was in my back yard when i looked at the time it noon around 5 o'clock almost to 6 ever since that experience i thought about them her the men and the boy will i see them again will they come visit me i dream about seeing that planet everyday i can't get it out of my mind i still have dreams about the kid and but this is my story the truth of my encounter p.S. my bike was giving back to me when i got it back i hurd a voice and that voice was from her saying we forgot to give this to you i've keep this secret for 4 years i can never forget i think about it everyday i even have a diary i keep i can't forget about their faces how kind they was how amazing they was with technology i've been wanting to share this with out being judge people thinking i'm crazy but thank you and good bye.

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Credit: MUFON

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