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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Londonderry, New Hampshire on 2019-01-28 05:22:00 - Observed string of circular lights, appered to be two disks just above trees and stationaly while being observed.

1. went down to family room a 5 a.M. looked out the family room window. noticed what looked like plane coming in with landing lights on (this is a typical approach path to manchester, nh airport). 2. usually the planes pass over shortly after spotting, this time it did not and the "landing lights" were out. then, probably not related to plane landing lights, i saw a string of lights that appeared to be widely spread across view and grouped into two groupings. 3. i went out on to my front porch and took two pictures side by side to capture the entire string and added one closeup showing three of the round porthole like lights. lights appeared to be porthole like. 4. it was quite cold that night and i was not dressed to be outdoors so i only spent about 3-5 minutes on the porch, there was no movement during that time. when i came back in i could no longer see the lights from my family room window. 5. after coming in and reviewing the photos, two flying saucers seemed a plausible description. 6. when i came in and looked pit the family room window they were not visible. note: photo 1 is to the left and appears to be flipped 180 degrees photo 2 is move more to the right to capture the other side of the string of lights. photo 3 is a close up near the center of the string. photo 4 is a daylight view of the area in which the pictures were taken

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Credit: MUFON

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