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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Kenosha, Wisconsin on 2008-06-12 00:00:00 - Im laying in my bed 12am i see a distant flash. then bright light is outside my window, loose track of time then wake

i'm a kid waiting to go back to school on a monday. i'm pretty sure it was my last week as well. its late at night and i cant sleep because i'm thinking about the morning having to get up early in the background outside i can hear the car and trucks driving on the freeway, this was a major interstate and we were less than an 8th mile away. inside the room my brother slept below me. he snores so loudly maybe that is why i couldn't sleep. above my head was a miniature weather system. at the time i would nightly write down the conditions for that day and the prediction for the next. it showed the current temperature, wind speed, had a barometer, showed the dew point, and predicted the forecast. that was literally the coolest thing i ever received as a gift from my parents.Earlier that night i wrote down the weather and put the note book away. as i'm laying in bed i look out my window which faces south east and i notice a flash in the distance. this is no surprise to me because the interstate was above the ground near the tree top. our house was in a sort of valley. but i still couldn't quite figure out what it was because we were still high enough to see where the headlight of a car or truck would be. i wrote in off as it could have been a passing by airplane or flight for life helicopter shining its spotlight. maybe 30 seconds later. now that flash is a solid glowing light right outside my window. i saw the light slowly move into my window. thinking that somebody i shining a light into my room i panic when i realize that is not the case. my whole bedroom was lit up like a christmas tree. it was as if i had hundreds of led light on in my room it was so bright. not a single shadow was cast. i scream for my mom to get her attention, but as my mouth opens. not a single sound comes from my throat. i can feel my lungs airing out as if i was yelling but not a sound was made. let me briefly stop here and explain something. sleep paralysis. many of the people on here have heard of that, its common when you are over worked and over tired your body literally falls asleep before your mind does. i know exactly what i felt and i can tell you that was not the case at all in this instance. continuing, my voice is non existent. i can feel a tingling sensation growing around my body. my brother who was sleeping directly below me isn't snoring the room is completely silent and all i feel is fear. i remember peeking at the time and seeing that it was 12 am monday morning. shortly after my vision cuts out. not falling asleep slowly where my eyes close. going from bloodshot eyes wide open to no vision at all. i can feel my body being lifted a few inches off the surface of my bed and i'm moved over the center of my room. i'm stuck in my head kicking and screaming bloody murder not to get taken out of this room leaving my brother behind. i was stationary in the center still silent and then, i begin being moved back towards my bed. i hover over my bed for a few seconds and then i am set down. my vision comes back but it i very blurry as if my eyes were crusted over. i look down to my leg at the end of my bed and see an incision being made jut above my knee cap. i watch it open then close slowly becoming scarred over. after it was done, the light disappeared the tingling sensation faded and my voice returned. i let out the loudest cream that echoed throughout the house. my mom runs into the room upset that i would even be awake at this time in the morning. i tell her exactly what just happened and she wasn't having it. i turn back at the clock thinking 30 seconds or less had passed and my stomach sank. to this day this cares me because, i've had surgery, i've been knocked out, i've experienced sleep paralysis first hand especially after this event. i looked at the clock thinking this happened in under a minute. but 5 hour had passed it was 5am monday morning. she aid that i was stuck in a nightmare and nothing happened. i went to school and told people they thought i was crazy, i went to my brother and he said he didn't remember anything. i tried to make sense of what happened that night. i struggled with that for several years i thought i was going crazy and maybe it was a nightmare. it wasn't until recently through extensive web searching and just plain curiosity i decided to look for answers. what i found was haunting and even as i type this i'm looking over my shoulder. this whole experience of mine. after all these years. the time frame and the date it had happened was within 5 minutes another report of lights being seen in my area. the mixture of emotion was relief happiness anger and fear. and it motivated me to come on here to look for answers. i know it happened, but now i want to know why, i want to hear more, learn more. for awhile, i contemplated getting hypnotic regression because i wanted to know what happened in thoe five hours. one thing that does annoy me the most i how people believe abductions are "fun" or "events you don't want to forget." let me just say this. when something like this happens to you, and you cant remember what happened, you don't know who did it, but you know you were gone and in your subconscious you have a trigger that causes you to panic even if it over something small. its not a good feeling. it not something you should look forward or wish for. it i a truly terrifying experience not knowing why, or how that was even possible. and it makes you think. why did this happen to you? why not someone else? then you have to move on with your life a if nothing had happened that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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