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Friday, February 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Hawk springs, Wyoming on 2018-07-11 00:00:00 - This ship arrived on july 11 and stayed until aug 17 2018, the ship had many orbs, i have video

the date was june 28 2018, i was planting pumpkins, around 100 acres, i had just leased the property for $20.000.00 i went out and plowed the property, and then planted, right away i began to see a ghost wolf. at first we could not understand what was going on, we started seeing indian spirits. then we finally figured it out. we had planted right on top of a indian burial ground. cheyenne indians i believe. then on july 11 i was out watering around 2 am, then i seen it. this massive ship came in and hovered and stopped right above me. this ship appeared to be 100 miles in circumference. for some reason i had no fear. you could sense love hope, i don't know. the ship stayed at night the bottom of the ship would mimic our sky, it always had the big dipper . the moon ect. it had at least 10 orbs that were on the bottom of the ship. so i started filming theses orbs. inside the orbs were beings, this one orb white in color started to follow me every where. we started to communicate. the orb would go up and down for a yes answer. it would go side by side for a no answer. so we began a long relationship. this orb was a female, this is so crazy, the people on the ship were not carbon based. they were spiritual. now what they are a race of humans that has learned to grow in the spirit world. they had to die first and discharge the human body. then there spirits live for ever. time is only judged in the human body. in the spirit world there is just existence. this is where it gets scary. on the night of july 11 we witnessed the ship come in, what they told me was that they came in in a wormhole traveling many times the speed of light, i witnessed this, there wormhole collapses, they hit earth 200 years to early. for 5 seconds i could see a massive indian village. full of teepees, indians and horses. they the ship then corrected this. they say that they are annunaki indians. they came here to get the dna from there ancestors buried there. they say that there home base ship broke 5000 years ago. we call planet x or planet nibiru. they said that they were sorry, they could not stop what was going to happen. they say that a massive collision was coming. our planet would be destroyed. i think they said feb 7th at 2.36 pm remember this not proof. this is what i believe they communicated to me.This female orb would come home every night. many many witnesses and film. the annunaki said that there race was coming to a end, they said that there dna was in trouble, they have been stuck out there for 5000 years. there is something buried under neath. it still buzzes at night. they left at 5.45 pm on aug 17th 2018, i was coming from cheyenne wy heading north on hi way 85, mile marker 50? i came to the top of of the hill. i stopped. i knew it was time, they waited for me to see this. then the ship surrounded by dark clouds, just jumped into light speed going east. my friend in the orb told me time after time. when i die just think of her and i would go right to her ship. also i helped them correct there dna. personal info. i will share this when time comes. i will enclose some of the video, one picture looks like a rv with a camp. enlarge photo, you will see the aliens working .

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Credit: MUFON

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