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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania on 2019-02-20 00:45:00 - I saw very bright craft in sky last night, red lights on top & green lights on the bottom, flashing & pulsating, red then green, never together. i watched it for about 2 minutes until it dissapeared into the tree line. it was going from east to west.

I was retiring for the night at 12:45am, feb 20, and as always i looked out of my front door...Between the 2 houses across the street, i see very bright red & green pulsating lights in the sky. the object was moving like a plane from east to west...I could not make out a body, just lights. the lights were very bright like when you see many firetrucks, these were the red lights on top of the craft, they all flashed and pulsated together, then there were green lights, not as bright as the red ones & they were on the bottom of the craft, they flashed and pulsated. first the red lights would flash , then the green...Never together. i could not see any individual lights like you see on a plane. the red lights radiated upward & the green downward. there was no sound. the craft was heading in the direction of harrisburg int. airport. it went in a straight line and seemed to be descending. i watched for about a minute or two, and lost it in the tree line. i see many planes at night but i have never seen anything like this before. my husband is former naval aviator, so i asked him what kind of plane is lit up like this and he told me that no military plane would ever be. this is something that i will never forget.

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Credit: MUFON

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