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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Huntingburg, Indiana on 1955-06-30 00:00:00 - Large disc hovering over field possibly rotating at some point then it took off dissappearing into a pinprick size in a matter of seconds and disappeared.

My parents and i were driving home to crane naval base late at night after visiting friends in evansville in the summer of 1955. we were some ways outside of huntingburg (not sure if i had fallen asleep) when i heard my mother call my dad's name and say, "look! look!" i sat up in the back seat (the car was stopped in the road) and looked out the window to see this huge, grey, disk shaped craft hovering over the field next to the road. we stared at it for several minutes with my dad saying repeatedly, "i don't see anything, i don't see anything." there were markings on the underside of the disk shaped craft. i call it a disk but it was rounded slightly on the underside. i never saw the top. then i think i remember it starting to spin. it did that for maybe a minute and then took off. in a matter of seconds it was a small dot in the sky and disappeared. i didn't feel fear at the time but was interested in observing it and then it was over. my father made me promise to tell no one and i didn't for many years. then when i was about 15 (1960) i was at my piano teacher's waiting for my lesson and looked down at my leg. i was astounded to find a long diagonal divit in my shin that i had never seen before. over my lifetime a few more of these have shown up out of the blue. my mother never mentioned the incident again but once expressed fear saying there were things in the night that were awful. she wouldn't explain. i associated her statement with the ufo incident though i have no evidence. in the summer of 1996 i was awakened from sleep and saw a florescent green ball in my bedroom just rotating in a circle in the air. i am a christian so i rebuked it in jesus' name and it disappeared. i did feel fear in this instance. after it disappeared a basketball sized light traveled along the length of the window wall of my bedroom and was gone.

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Credit: MUFON

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