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Monday, February 25, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Split Lake, Manitoba on 2019-01-11 04:00:00 - Moved up and down, side to side in a very fast motion. had red, green and one giant white light that looked like as if it were looking for something in the trees. hovering motion.

I was in my house with a couple of my friends and family, listening to music in the basement. i kept gettimg hot, so i went upstairs to look out the window. it was a very cold night in january, so the sky was clear and you could see all the stars. i had my head facing down, then i could see a flicker in the corner of my eye. i looked at it quickly amd looked away thinking it was a plane. i seen it flickering again. so i kept my eye on it, at that point i realized it wasnt a plane at all. it clearly was going back and forth, & up and down. with lights flashing. i quickly ran to my cosuins room thinking i was going crazy. she was scared to come see. i told her "look out the window i see a ufo" her face automatically got pale and scared. she took a while to come look. she only walked up to the door frame and stood there looking.. asking me where it is. i kept pointong right at, wondering why she couldnt see it to. then i could see it in her eyes, she seen it. she gasped and opened her eyes wide, then ran away without a word. she got our friends to come look too. they all didnt believe us at first. until they all seen it too. they seen one that was close. the one with three green lights, in a hovering motion.. it was behind the trees not to far. and there waz another one further out. but that one was different. it had a red light, green light, and one big white light that looked like it was looking for soemthing over the tree line. i mind you this is deep in the canadian north. nothing but trees and lakes. i dont know if it was just me but it took all my attention. it stayed flying around for hours. coming and going. it went really high up at one point. it was aroumd so long we would leave for long peroids of time and when we came back it was still around. after 3 hours it finally disapeared. this all ocvured at 4am. seeing that made me believe all the ufo reports ive heard about. i could tell it wasnt a plane, nor helicopter, or a drone. the quick movements and lights have made me conclude that it was a ufo.

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Credit: MUFON

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