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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Bedford, Indiana on 2014-06-17 20:00:00 - I was driving with my son when we got a clear view of the moon and it appeared to have two orb looking spheres, one at the top and one at the bottom. noticed when getting home there was more to it than what we witnessed.

My son and i were driving south on hi way 37 in lawrence country indiana, not sure of the exact time of evening it was but it was early dark out. right after leaving the lawrence/monroe county line and getting in a clearing i had a wide open view of the moon. i noticed the moon was bright and fairly large and had some kind of oblong orb looking spheres, one at the top of the moon dipping into the moon and one at the bottom of the moon equally covering part of the bottom of moon. we didn’t notice anything else strange about the sky at that point in time. i told my son to hold the steering wheel so i could get some pictures of the very strange looking moon. i took three pictures only seconds apart. when arriving home we were looking at the pictures and the moon looked much further away and didn’t seem to have the features that we witnessed when taking the pictures even when zooming in on it . i noticed the last picture i took was a different color and when zooming in on it i noticed a couple of red looking kinda translucent objects one very obvious and one in the background that weren’t in the first two pictures. in the same picture was a kinda cigar shaped white light it too looking maybe translucent. then moving further left of the picture was a large v shaped row of lights. all these objects were only in the last picture taken only a second or so from the others and i find it impossible for all these objects to apear in such a short amount of time between pictures, the oddness of the moon orbs, the color differences of the first pictures and the last one, then all the other objects in that last picture. i included a scetch of what my son and i did witness of the moon that evening along with the three pictures i took within seconds of each other and we seen nothing like what we witnessed of the moon in any of the pictures. i’ve showed the pictures to other people and they were as puzzled as we were and said we should show them to someone that investigates such things. it’s taken me a while to decide to do just that because i didn’t think anyone would give them any attention, so i’m reaching out to maybe find answers or expansions of what might have happened that evening. thank you!

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Credit: MUFON

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