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Friday, February 15, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Coloma, Michigan on 1994-03-08 21:30:00 - Saw object move over tree tops and hover just off highway in coloma

This is bothered me since it had happened.... i was a junior at a university in grand rapids driving home to the benton harbor area. on the radio there was dozens of people calling in saying they were seeing lights in the sky all around grand rapids and holland. it was exciting to hear the sound of their voices as it was part confusion part fear part astonishment. for the most part i saw nothing until i was within 5 miles of coloma. to the right of me (west) i saw a very bright glowing through the trees towards the highway. it was probably 3 miles away at that point. i lost sight of it in the tress at it got closer to me. no more than a minute later as i was coming over a hill or curve i saw it hovering just off the highway. no more than a couple hundred feet off the ground and a couple hundred feet east. the object was rotating very slowly. there were 3 to 4 large lights on the side there were changing colors slowly. it looked as best as i can explain large window open and closing like blind where being opened and close. as it would open the light would already be a different color possibly in a pattern. at the end of the one side of the craft was a brighter red light. i was terrified and was still shaking by the time i got to my brothers in benton harbor. as i drove by i felt uneasy like something was trying to talk to me and i was avoiding it. i'm sure it was nothing more than me panicking over the experience. i did roll down my window and turned my radio down. there was no sound at all. this was not a balloon, helicopter, or plane. i know this was something special. i try to find other people describing what i saw but struggle. if i sit down and sketch it i will send it to someone there. thank you for listening to me.

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Credit: MUFON

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