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Monday, February 25, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Nashwauk, Minnesota on 2019-02-25 04:45:00 - Originally thought it was extremely bright headlights approaching crest of from opposite direction i was traveling

0445 sunday morning i was driving eastbound on cty rd 8 2.5 miles west of state hwy 65 in ugly wind and snow conditions. noted very bright light westbound over the crest of the hill in the long straight stretch. was sure it was a logging truck with some type of running lights. i was traveling about 40 mph due to conditions and as i approached the crest i was reaching for the lever to dim my headlights when the light went out. for about 5 seconds, i was sure i was going to find an ugly mess in the ditch but crested the hill and there was nothing??? no tracks in the completely covered road. the light had seemed to be moving toward me. just felt bewildered momentarily. i have been fortunate to witness phenomenons in the past. 1981 while stationed in guantanamo bay, cuba sitting in a foxhole 600 feet above the ocean level with four other sailors. this was was a single blinking light that first crossed the sky from south to north in approximately 6 seconds at about 0130. about 0300, we witnessed the same type of light crossing the sky moving west to east. the second incident was in 2008 in hudson, ontario. at dinner, our friend's daughter showed us the images on her phone of three lights (triangle pattern) that she and a friend had observed moving east to west, stopped momentarily, then returned to the east. they had noted the lights did not go over the horizon but continued east until they disappeared. my brother and i were standing outside about 2300 enjoying a beautiful night sky full of stars and discussing her photos when an extremely bright light appeared directly above us but far out in the atmosphere. it appeared to start moving straight up away from us and in a few seconds dimmed until it disappeared. the last was the fall of 2014, beautiful night (without mosquitoes) so i stretched out on the front lawn about 2100. maybe one minute later, i observed the same type of fast moving blinking light but with so much smaller horizon than in cuba, i saw only three blinks.

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Credit: MUFON

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