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Monday, February 11, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Shreveport, Louisiana on 2019-01-25 07:00:00 - Came outside at twlight & saw 2 beautiful feeling stars-mimicking stars?

pics of dual stars that kept appearing and vanishing at the morning this happened when i came out i just got this urge to look up and felt these 2 lights where sort of there waiting for me like i had already agreed to this b4 hand. there where no other stars or thing that would look like this in the entire sky so pretty cool! sat nearly for a hour in a chair looking at got up towards end as i started 2 get bored and walked around then this eventually got bored with it and went inside and came back out and they finally vanished around the time it was starting to werid me out because the sun was literally almost over the horison and to see stars past that time was confusing :o and kinda parasexy? i saw that because its not paranormal its normal i mean boeing manfucatures classifed top secret and above top secret spaceships. i personally feel like i know what they where in my heart but all truths are true so its not that important u believe me just though u might find my story fun! ps love ur utube channel! also kinda telepathicly talk with them believe they where craft that had visited me b4 kinda taken a break sense this as no1 believes me i can speak with in person localy... they just insult me so i figure maybe i need a partial hiatous from contacts .... and reunite with the rest of my world more in unity then it will be easier for me to join with more of my higher self mult-dimensionality or something like this no need 2 rush things! - saying entities because i know the craft are alive now - because matter itself is and if these are some sort of energy beings or whatever there alive if we are the entire universe and beyond and its us well obviously everything is alive! - no didnt see any but have gotten telepathic video imgary off and on past year from acturians mostly & tiny bit from essassani - 1 or 2 other groups or beings... oh i do channeling now and telepatahic chats with others beings to almost every day in my head and out loud to!

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Credit: MUFON

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