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Sunday, February 3, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sheffield , England on 1973-05-20 00:00:00 - I saw the bright light out of my bedroom window. was abducted operated on.

I was 9 yrs old. so i went to bed around 8.30pm. couldn’t sleep so found myself looking out of my bedroom window at the stars. then i saw a really bright light. it hovered as if it knew i was watching. next minute i wake up in my bed, but with a very vivid memory of waking up inside a bright corridor laid on a metallic bed. i was naked, not tied down but couldn’t move or speak. there were two female greys (as we hear of now). they were taller than the males, very long thin arms and legs. they were very beautiful and had kind faces. they had elongated heads, big eyes but not as big as the males. they were naked? well smooth all over. they had breasts kind of more square shaped, no nipples, no navel. i didn’t feel scared of them i just was in and out of consciousness. they wheeled me into a room where there were a few male greys. no one spoke, then a male one did something surgical around my navel area. i fell back asleep and woke up in bed. they have smooth features with just slots for breathing & gearing. they somehow made me feel at ease. i have had a lot of problems having children. i have 3 sons but lost 7 girls. hospital were perplexed and just said they thought i couldn’t carry girls. i almost died giving birth each time due to blood loss. i also found out after my first born that my blood group is o rh negative and nobody else in my family has that blood group. also a day or two after my abduction i started menstruating which is very young at 9 yrs. never told anyone as i didn’t think anyone would believe me. i guess i could draw the females but not sure how to do that on pc.

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Credit: MUFON

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