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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Franklinton, Louisiana on 1966-10-31 00:00:00 - Night hunting behind drive-in theater. 6 occupants in silent, motionless craft. 3 watching movie intermittenly. observed thru rifle scope 15 min then shined head light onto craft. interior lights switched from yellow to red and craft cranked turbine an

I drove home to bogalusa, la. following last day of class (louisiana tech-ruston) on friday in november of 1966. arrived around 9:30 p.M. i put on a load of clothes to wash and since it was too late to be of any help at my parent's drive-in theater, i decided to sneak into/night hunt an area behind the theater where i could spot light a field and pond north (1/4 mi) of and in line with the movie screen. i was walking in familiar broken brush following a fence line that ran nw. i had not turned on my light to avoid alerting any predator below me near the pond. as i ascended a rise, my attention was drawn to lights above and between the treetops on my left towards the movie screen tower. i immediately knew it to be some kind of craft because the lights i observed were shining palely yellow from the interior of the vehicle. the object was no more than 100 feet from the spot where i sat down next to the brushy wire fence. there was absolutely no sound coming from the craft. i could make out the object very clearly once i propped my rifle into the fence wire so i could watch without movement of the 4 power scope. the upper dome of the craft had a row of trapezoid shaped windows (6 or 7) on the forward side and i could see a large set of instrument panels to the rear. there were 6 occupants inside. 3 at and around the panels and 3 milling around in front of the windows intermittently watching the movie. they were all men that were wearing jump suits which appeared green, but with the yellow interior lights, i could not be certain of the color. i observed them moving around inside the cabin of the craft and often one or the other from the rear of the craft would walk forward to look at some interesting part of the movie. at such times they were right in front of the windows which appeared to be about 2 ft. in height. after about 15 minutes i decided to "mess" with them since they were clearly our military people. my dad was air force and from his stories i thought the guys inside the craft would appreciate my joke. i stood up and shined my head lamp directly into the windows of the craft. immediately lights inside the craft switched yellow to red. a familiar sound started from the craft. it was either a gas turbine or a d.C. generator winding up. the theater used a d.C. converter for the carbon arc lamps and it sounded exactly like it. later after working offshore around helicopters i came to realize the sound of the chopper turbine starting up sounds the same. once the turbine(?) was up to speed, the craft slowly started to move away to the north and then looped west. red/green nav lights with white strobe came on. knowing i had time to reach my dad (i was running marathons at the time) at the theater ticket office before the seemingly slow moving vehicle would reach the treeline, i dropped my rifle and light and ran the 300 yards or so to the ticket office at the drive-in entrance. my surprised dad looked at me as if i was loco but frantically and finally i was able to coax him out to look. he and i watched for about 30 seconds as the object crossed the sky back lit by the lights of the paper mill to the south. once gone, i asked what he thought it was. he said "airplane". i told him it had been stationary in the sky, that i had watched it for 15 min, that there were air force type guys inside watching the movie. he said "u-huh". i explained further but he started getting strange wanting me in the lights so he could see my eyes, etc. i shut up!! for 50 years i may have told a few people but until recently it was very few until a in-law who works for an alphabet service and i got to talking. i told him what i saw and the first thing he wanted to know were any shoulder patches or markings on the men or craft. i could offer no such detail and he replied "i am glad you did not try to tell me you saw any little green men. i might not have believed you." sketchs can be done it needed. i spent a lot of time in the woods at night when young and have a couple of other occurances i could overview with anyone interested in details. i am 71 and no longer care if people question my sanity.

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Credit: MUFON

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