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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Portsmouth, England - Hi guys at mufon, just been watching the emailed clip of mufon tv, thanks for sending it. my name is alan swift from portsmouth uk. your clips remind

Hi guys at mufon, just been watching the emailed clip of mufon tv, thanks for sending it. my name is alan swift from portsmouth uk. your clips remind me of my close up sighting in 1966. yes, i did say 1966!!! to show my sincerity and some essential credibility, here is my brief background. well, you know my age, i was 24 at the time of the close up sighting of this craft. i passed the old ‘11 plus’ entry exam and passed around the top grade to qualify for grammar school. i passed general science ‘o level’ gce. my maths teacher mistakenly refused my entry in maths. i left school at 16, slightly disillusioned, and with no help from anyone replied to an ad in the local paper for engineering apprentices at de havillands, (now defunct) an aircraft company. i served my apprenticeship, with the company closing down at the same time. although i had heard talk of ‘flying saucers’ or ufos while growing up, i never was a dedicated ufologist!!! i married at 22 years and had a child at 24 years, in june 8 1966. i was not a drinker, maybe 2 or 3 pints once a week at a darts match at the local. i was not on any form of drugs or medication, i was in excellent health. late that summer of 1966, having been working that day, i lay in bed not able to sleep. my son, a few months old, was asleep in his cot, and my wife in bed with me. it was around midnight, and with my back facing the window behind me, curtains drawn, and eyes closed, my attention was drawn to a bright light in the bedroom, which was on the upper floor of the rear extension. i could see the wall opposite brightly lit, with room a bit less bright. i turned and looked out the window, and looking to my left, sort of s.E.E. direction, i saw a craft approaching slowly at a low height; surely well less than 100ft. it was approx. less than 100 yards away heading almost towards me. at first, i thought “who are they looking for?€� as a searchlight was directed below at about a 25 - 30 degree angle. it was flying at walking pace about 2 houses in height. at the front appeared to be a cabin of some sort, but then as it drew nearer i noticed there was no visible means of support in the air. there were no flight surfaces or rotor blades etc; and no noise! it a bit scary i guess, but i kept looking out of sheer curiosity! flying had always been my passion. i said to my wife to have a look, but she just dived further under the covers and was really scared. we both knew there was no source of light coming from the neighbours region so it was something very unknown & unusual. she was terrified! as it drew level i opened the window fully up for a clearer view, and it had lowered in height, just clearing next door’s rooftop by only a few feet. it was so scary, but i was so very transfixed as i had never seen anything like this before, in all my apprenticeship days, or my time in the atc, air trading corps, at 14years old. i loved flying, but with no interest in “ufos� i must stress that this was a solid ‘craft’, not an ‘object’, and it was very close, maybe 60 or so feet away at its nearest point. it was a cylindrical craft with two windows, internally lit, equally spaced along the main structure.. the front looked slightly dipped in shape as if a cabin was there. so i presumed it was occupied. at the rear, there appeared to be a couple of dark ‘struts’ it bars, that i assumed were strengthening struts of some purpose. there was a bright moon nearby, so it was quite a clear night with little cloud. as the craft cleared the neighbors extension, it turned in my direction, at 90 degrees, continuing until it just cleared the rear of mine. it was going over the back to back gardens, and i had a clear unobstructed view! it then turned again to continue on its original course. all very slowly and controlled! it was truly amazing. as i got a clear rear view i was again taken in awe! cause on the rear sat a large circular disc shaped structure, at least as large as the whole diameter of the craft, (around 10ft i guess) which, upon reflection must have been the power unit., it was a constant pale orange in colour. the craft continued on its way crossing over houses opposite, about 50 - 60 yards away, only just clearing the rooftops.......Such accurate navigation!! i knew this craft was nothing from this world..I was never trained for this!!! then it just disappeared, faded, out of view, never to be seen again. i knew i would never see it again.. in 1966, with no wings, or propulsion as we know, no flight controls and no sound! what was keeping it airborne? if anyone had an answer, except for mine, please tell me! unknown to me at the same time, ‘several’ ‘objects’ were seen by people on southsea seafront, saying the ‘objects’ were hovering, changing colour and disappearing under the water’s surface, making 2 loud bangs. i believe the 2 loud bangs were supersonic bangs caused by the objects rapidly accelerating past the sound barrier and out of view so fast, they could not be seen. the event was widely covered by local media the next day, with no mention of the kind of craft i witnessed. nearby havant police station had thousands of calls from terrified callers living in nearby hayling island, which is semi-rural. the incident was investigated of course, with the final conclusion being that the objects were of unknown origin and ownership - ufos.... this ‘event’ was not taken as a hoax or joke, very serious in fact! as there was nothing anywhere near that technology at that time, on this planet, the craft’s origin must have been from elsewhere in the universe. my theory was that the craft, and it’s companions (presumably) seen on the seafront, were on a recognisance mission, possibly of a scientific nature. no hostility was displayed . my wife’s aunty observed it too, upon leaving work at a local chips shop on a nearby main road. she said it was orange colour. she was just as mystified too. since that day, i have known with 100% certainty of extraterrestrials visiting earth. there was no other explanation, unless anyone can think of one?! my ‘ufo’ was a craft, not a bright light hovering and/or travelling at fantastic speeds at high altitude! it was a solid craft!! i believe i am one of the few privileged people on earth to have this sacred knowledge, and sometimes i have thought it was ‘meant to be’ why me? it is worth recalling, that i was not out gazing at the night sky, but it appeared to come to me, in my bed!! strange!! no, i was not dreaming, as it was all over the media the next day! i was an aircraft manufacturing apprentice who was and is not fooled at observing such an incident. my job was building airframes! my training told me, this should not be!!! but it happened !!!! i now follow mufon out of sheer interest, to see what others have seen. yet i know i have seen a craft from beings somewhere out there in space! i feel somewhat really privileged i cannot believe my sighting was unique!! my view is they have been observing us for a very long time, maybe thousands of years, perhaps watching our ‘development’. i also believe there are more than one species that have been here. hence the different types of ‘craft’. the smaller ones, like mine, are likely scientific, scouting or observational craft, with a large ‘mother ship’ orbiting the earth, or somewhere in the solar system - makes sense! just like aircraft from a carrier! they must have a base! no mobiles then, so no photos! sorry. but i know the craft was real! thank you. best regards, and carry on with the good work. alan ps. i would be more than happy to ‘testify’ about my sighting, on oath, if it helps with your dedicated cause of revealing the truth to the world. cause believe me, the truth was revealed to me, and soon no doubt, the whole world!

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Credit: MUFON

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