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Sunday, February 3, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in The Villages, Florida on 2018-07-22 01:52:00 - I was on my porch one late night during the summer when i witnessed this triangle aerial vehicle enter the stratosphere and enter our atmosphere before intentionally making its way closer to me; hovereed for a bit and ascended slowly before taking off.

One late night at around 2am; i was on my porch smoking a cigarette like i usually do; when i witnessed an odd looking object come from up above and descend over a 5g cell tower near my house. keep in mind i live on the top floor of my building which has only 3 floors, however, their are tall vault/volume ceilings and my building is perched up high on top of a hill, so it is higher/taller than your average 3rd floor building! anyhow, what i witnessed seemed strange, the object entering our atmosphere from high above the stratosphere seemed like it was engulfed in flames or on fire,; i presume this happens when you enter from cold space into our stratosphere and such. i could never guess what would happen next! within 30 seconds to a minute of watching this thing from somewhat of a distance; it quickly with no effort at all; i watched it slowly hover over my neighborhood coming form the opposite end of the neighborhood. i believe it must have noticed me either from my cigarette, my blue light glowing off of my bluetooth headphones, or maybe they detected my heat signature or ethereal aura! it hovered right above a tree that is maybe 30 or 40 ft. directly parallel to where i was standing! it was a triangular aerial vehicle; it had no engine, no wings, and was as silent as the night! no engine, no wings, and it seemed that there were no physical limits of this crafts maneuvering! it pretty much hovered, but would be able to do some odd things! it seemed like it was at least 20,000 years ahead of anything our government could dream of operating or owning at the current moment but with these underground secret space programs; who knows what they really got! i believe due to the action of reversal engineering we have for a while now acquired the ability for our interstellar travel capabilities! anyhow this triangle craft was pretty large, it reminded me of a stealth bomber; but flew vertical not horizontal1 it kind of reminded me of a pyramid, but was more thin, it didn't have all the dimensions of a full prism! at the top of the pinnacle of this aerial vehicle was a vastly bright tangerine light that stayed lit at all times of my experience. the same light was one the bottom of the craft directly on each opposite end was a circle of the same glowing tangerine like light! to be honest this tangerine reddish orange color covered the whole craft like an energy force field! the craft was definitely observing me; i gasped in awe! it probably seemed longer than it really was, for that moment, it seemed like time stopped. i have to admit, never seeing anything like this before, i was pretty terrified! i'm a control freak and if that futuristic craft wanted to, it probably could've zapped me or beamed me up at will. looking back on this event i should've waved instead of looking stupid! lol! anyhow, i had a hostile thought of going to grab my handgun; not that it would've helped me! as soon as i had that stupid thought of grabbing a weapon the unidentified aerial vehicle started drifting away from me. telepathically i apologized, but it was too late, there is a large green field in the center of my neighborhood that divides both sides up. i'm pretty sure they had telepathic and telekinetic abilities! i believe they told me they were benevolent, and that i would see them again! i believe this may have been the palladian entities or should i say intelligent race! it's clear they had no intention to harm me, and i only got a positive experience out of the event! if it wasn't the palladian's, it may have been another intelligent sentient race; or one theory is that it is possibly our own human race; either from the future, or some separate hyper dimensional reality that is separate from ours! i'm realizing this program that we're in is nothing like what i thought it was! once again once i had the hostile thought in my head, it hovered towards the middle of my neighborhood and started slowly ascending upwards, once it reached up to the clouds or poisonous chemical clusters in the sky; that tangerine light glowed all across the sky beaming brightly! the way the light projected onto the clouds; those clouds definitely seemed unnatural! once again, when it reached high up a little above the clouds, i believe what ever anti-gravity or energy source they have must need to build up like a super surge; because all of a sudden i watched it take off like a speeding bullet and disappear somewhere as far as where it seems the stars are! i have 10/10 vision, maybe even better, i'm seriously super human when it comes to my sight, i kept my eye on this sucker, and this sucker definitely went back to the cosmos! this experience forever altered my reality. i have no doubt that the universe is beaming with intelligent life! there are also other dimensional entities as well as interdimensional entities. than you have the ethereal realm where you would get angels and demons, ghosts, shadow people, as well as other various spirits. it's all seperate, but also all connected at the same time. other dimensional entites would be the orbs i keep witnessing frollicking in the clouds and peeks out into sight every now and again, then disappears again! i've also witnessed what seemd like a 747 with no wings moving oddly about, i believe it was also an other dimensional being, because you would see it one moment and then it would appear in a total far and other directional path within the blink of an eye like it had teleportation capabilities, or bent the fabric of space and time, or maybe had totally different laws of physics all together! on the same night i witnessed the triangle aerial vehicle which is currently the closest encounter i've experienced; i also witnessed my first actual ufo or disc shape like unidentified aerial vehicle. i witnessed it flying about and around the 5g cell tower. i have a theory that these aerial vehicles may be able to suck juices or fuel/ radiation from these 5g cell towers, because these crafts seem to be attracted to them! this ufo was doind acrobatic dips and dives and moving around very swiftly and gracefully almost as if it seemed to be pleasure crusing for the fun of it! the gravitational or g-forces form the crazy speeds and manuevering this aerial vehicle was doing; i am almost positive no human being would be able to withstand! but with inside the actual craft who really knows the feel or affects of that very swift flying! the only reason i witnessed this craft is because every 15 seconds or so it would flash green, blue, and white lights, almost like a police cars lights, but these lights encircled the entirety of the ufo, and would flash briefly and stop and 5 or 10 secons later, i witnessed the very bright lights flash around and stop again. this occured for about 3 minutes or so. what's funny is i know i took some decent video, but for some reason you cannot see the lights flashing or anyting for that matter on my video! it is my theory that you have to be vibrating on a certain frequency to see or make contact with these crafts, enities, or sentient beings! it's odd that i have never witnessed anything of the sort, but happen to see both of these crafts one hour apart from each other! that leaves me to my next theory, there is a space portal or stargate directly above my neighborhood! maybe it's still there, maybe they are temporal! and one last thing; about a week or so after i had these sightings, the sun was just beginning to rise, it was like 5:45 a.M. when just out of pure like or chance, i happened to be staring out into the horizon by the same 5g tower, within like a millisecond, or maybe due to my good sight, i winessed a fast mover! it was a silver like disc, hard to tell how large from the distance! but this thing was moving so freaking fast, if i blinked for too long, i would've missed it. these things are always flying bye, but it is damn near impoosible to catch these fast movers with the naked eye; before this happened, i've only witnessed fast movers on camera footage. usually they are either discs, cigar shaped, or centrical!

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Credit: MUFON

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