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Thursday, February 28, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Belen, New Mexico on 2019-02-27 05:40:00 - Observed 4 different crafts flying in a directional path about twice the speed of an airplane per size.The dull black clam shaped craft was omitting an amber colored glow at random

Me and my 3 yo daughter were on a walk on our way home she asked to sit on my shoulders for an odd reason she seemed startled as soon as she was up there she said look dad it's two skies.Sky is her description of airplanes for fun.Sky like from paw parol.I looked where she was pointing because i could not hear an aircraft and it looked like a white silverhotizontal cylinder with like a plate disc right under it.Was a bit blurry to me because of the shiny appearance and this craft seemed to be flying lower than it should based on size.I was surprised but i thought oh well when we were about home i could see another craft approaching from the west so i kept my eye on it.As it was just about overhead i could tell it was not anything i've seen before.At this time i called my dad to run while i was pointing at it.My dad was outside returning from the neighbors house at this time this dark dull clam shaped craft was omitting an amber color glow from the lower half at a random pattern and was flying faster than common aircraft.My father is a retired airforce major familiar with most aircraft.And he apared to be shocked i was excited and we went inside to get binoculars the last significant sighting for the evening was in the west sky at about sunset it firs appeared as a very bright star then glowed an orange red cole with the shape of a a it balloon.I was the only witness to this object.I watched the night sky till about 10 pm.With more sighting that confused me.The first two objects flew on their paths until they were too far to see the glowing star baloney went behind a tree and i lost visual.

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Credit: MUFON

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