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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Gardiner, New York on 1984-12-14 00:00:00 - Three triangle shaped objects in the ski with lights on the bottom just hovering and no sound

This was the second time i witnessed something like this. it was night time in a rural area and it had just snowed. i was feeding my baby at the time and my mother came in and said to give her the baby and go look out the dinning room windows at the sky. she said she had never seen anything like it and wanted to know what i thought. there were three windows in the dinning room which were on the north side of the house. to the west were the shawangunk mountains and the wallkill river. these objects just sat there in the sky did not move and even more strange did not make a sound. after several minutes as i watched they took off like a bolt of lighting not making a sound and within seconds were out of view and over the mountain. the first time around 1979 in the hamlet of wallkill on river road and was witnessed my myself and my son. this road runs along the wallkill river. it was dark and i was driving with my son who was about 6 at the time into the hamlet were i had an apartment. the river ran on the right side of the car. my son said mommy look there is an upside-down police car flying over the river. i looked and had to stop the car. i could not see the shape of the object because it was in the tree line but again this thing was hovering over the river and did have lights on the bottom. it made me nervous because i had no idea what it was. i pulled away and as i drove the object seemed to follow me. i stopped again and it stopped (again i could not see the object completely but it was a good size and did have lights on the bottom)i started to drive and it started to move again. i did this a few times stopping and going only to have this object follow suit. this totally freaked me out and i drove like crazy to my apartment which faced the river. i turned the lights off on my car when i was pulling up to my house told my son to get into the house and do not put the lights on or go near the windows. when i got inside i looked out the front window but it was gone. i was panicked and did not know what to do so i called stewart air force base in newburgh to report it. they most likely thought i was nuts. the final siting was in pa outside of my house there was this white glowing object in the sky again no noise that was sitting there not moving but this time it appeared to be pretty high up. it all of a sudden it turned and took off in a southern direction. this was witnessed by my husband who took a picture of it with his cell phone.

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Credit: MUFON

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