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Saturday, February 23, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona on 1994-09-30 00:00:00 - Wingtips hover, noiseless, at 10 pm in navajo county, arizona in sitgreaves forest, 1994

It was about 10:30 pm on the highway between heber, arizona, and pulp mill road, october, 1994. i was returning from a community college course on my way home. i was about 7-10 miles east of heber when i pulled over to watch some elk that had gathered in the highway. as i approached the elk i was astonished to see these large animals hop over the 4-5' barbed-wire fences as they cleared the highway. i got back into my car (1989 chevrolet s-10 mini blazer) and noticed a bright object in the northwest sky--estimate about 45 degrees above the horizon. i thought it was probably venus. as i traveled further on the highway, traveling east towards snowflake, arizona, near the tenney sawmill, i noticed in my rear-view mirror the light remained visible and appeared to be "following me". i had traveled about 5-7 miles further when i pulled over (near the tenney sawmill). i left the engine running and exited my vehicle. as i looked up there were two bright lights--what appeared to be at the wingtips of a craft. i would estimate it was hovering about 200 feet above me (just a guess...Hard to estimate height at night). it was a moonless night. the "wing-tip" lights were white. they were not red or green (like typical aircraft). there was absolutely no noise. i and my car were both unaffected. as i looked up, appreciated "wingtips" (but without really seeing any structure), the object immediately took off north towards holbrook, arizona, and was out of my view/horizon in about 5-10 seconds. no flashing lights. no disk. no weird radio signals...Just a quiet set of white lights that hovered without noise and moved with incredible speed to the north. it is important to know this area of arizona, during the cold war, was often traveled by b-12 bombers on a circular flight path through arizona up through utah and wyoming. this was not a bomber (no noise). and, while i am reporting this in an area of the sitgreaves forest it is probably 40 miles from where travis walton claimed to have been abducted.

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Credit: MUFON

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