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Friday, February 15, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Clermont, Florida on 2019-02-14 20:12:00 - Cylinder from the side view, but no tail on it.

Cylinder from the side view, but no tail on it. it move every time it pulsated. first came over the house from ne from winter garden area at 20:12 hrs 14 feb 2019.Its started to rise and come over the tall pine tree and over the house. came back at 22:12 from west to east but at tree top level, parallel to the new sawgrass blvd road. i was able to see it with my eyes at a 25 to about 30 deg, from the window at 22:14:22. no sound that could indicate any type of engine. possible unknown uav program, but can't say. at 22:14:23 a object is seen as a black color and it moves, every time it pulsate from the rear.I immediately check my flightradar 24, which give me no indication of any known airplane over or next to the house, according to the mco and near bye radar. it didn't show any airplane in that flight path, as indicated. i added a screen shot of the time, about 15 min late, to show what i am talking about. i also added one from 15 feb 2019, as a example of a monoplane flying over my house. i check my surveillance camera and it show a commercial airplane at 22:13:54 about 1 min before at a distance of 5 miles going nnw to sse. i do believe it may be a experimental uav or something else.The fligthradar show me the commercial plane but not the one behind the house.

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Credit: MUFON

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