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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Middlefield, Ohio on 2019-02-19 19:45:00 - My son called me an hour earlier and spotted a triangular ufo in the sky with 3 lights on the corners and a red light in the middle.

Triangular fleet. this sighting occurred last night. how do i begin? i was in chardon ohio awaiting somebody that i was picking up. while i was waiting for this person to come out, my son called me on the phone. my son was with his girlfriend and they were in their vehicle at the time. my son was excited and said that he was witnessing that mandela plane effect that stand still in the sky that he and i talked about earlier. as he was on the phone he's was said that his girlfriend and him were watching something in the sky that was had three dots like a triangle and one in the center and it was standing still. they're excited and hung up the phone when they call back i asked him what happened and they said he saw they both saw a triangular thing sitting in the sky with lights on each corner and an orange one or red one in the center. and then i saw it slowly rotate and then shoot shoot a beam of light down and then zipped off. his girlfriend said that she try to take a picture and when she did it disappeared. the craft just disappeared. i was kind of jealous because my son just witnessed what i thought was the triangle ufo. but i thought it might be a drone. but my son is pretty smart and pretty astute. so i trusted my son's vision and what they witnessed and he swears he saw a triangular craft in the sky that took off. actually i was kind of jealous. that is my honest feeling of this. my son just told me on the phone last night that he witnessed a ufo. when the person that i was waiting on in chardon ohio finally came out of the building and got in the vehicle, we drove away and the destination was around middlefield ohio there newcomb road ohio and i got there probably about 30 some minutes after my son's sided this ufo. and since i'm using voice to text it's difficult to fill in all of the details but you get the idea. i pulled up to drop this person off about 30 some minutes after my son told me he just saw ufo and maybe took a picture, by the way, he actually did take pictures. it's up to him to report this on his own. but nonetheless, this is validated by my son and his girlfriend in the car and me and the person i was taking home that night. both couples witnessed the same type of event but in different ways. when i pulled up to drop off the person that i was taking home, i was facing north because i saw that on my dashboard on the car. the person got out and i looked out my left window and i noticed in the darkness but would lit up by the winter oranges weird lit sky a big plane coming over top of the fields. because my son just reported to me that he saw a triangle ufo i grabbed my phone unplugged it from the vehicle and prepared to take some type of documentation because this giant plane was flying over the treetops really low and really big and it was really white i can see the wingtip to wingtip as it approached against the night sky because it was lit up by the orange glow of maybe a city. but as it approached i yell that's weird and i had my camera but i was watching this what i thought was a plane kind of slowly coming over the treetops in the dark i also yelled out to the person in the vehicle you know that it was weird. and we watch this event happen. not one but three equally spaced crafts that were as big as these government dropship planes collided slowly over the treetops and quietly. i knew they were black because of the night sky and they had each one had a light at the tip really bright and something by it. but it wasn't until the last one that glided by that i noticed that it was a white bright light at the tip and an orange light just behind it almost near the center of it and as that last craft went by against the sky, i noticed that it was a triangle. and this happened swiftly. and then i went back in the vehicle and the dome light was on because it was dark and my friend who i was dropping off i had their door open and looked in at me and i looked in it at that person and i looked and i said what was that and we both were dumbfounded because i said was that triangular? i said did you see that to? and yes it was the same thing it was three equally spaced in normous triangular craft gliding underneath the clouds over the treetops slower than anything i've ever seen fly that big. and they just went right by me. the funny thing is there's an airport more to the northeast and i believe they were flying under the radar because my father was a pilot and they were below 300 feet they had to be. and i couldn't believe that my son just told me on the phone about 35 minutes ago or so that he just witnessed a triangular craft in the sky and he was further south of me at the time. but i and this person with me we're able to watch these silent gliding gigantic triangular dark black platforms with bright white lights at the tip and no other lights other than that orange or red light. they flew too slow and too low for how big they were. and i guarantee it, that this sighting had to be witnessed by other people. i have extreme details but i can't put it on this report. but i actually need to give the full details of the experience. it's just exhausting i've been running this through my mind over and over and over i just cannot believe what i witnessed. but thank god there was somebody else with me documental de boll and my son and his girlfriend about 30 some minutes prior saw something the same way it's strange it's weird but it's real. forgive me for grammatical errors as such because this is voice to text. and this is not being checked for grammar or spelling. this is my raw verbal account.

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Credit: MUFON

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