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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Shreveport, Louisiana on 1982-09-09 00:00:00 - My sister and i were sitting outside i looked straight up and saw what looked like the moon. it jumped in size

My sister and i walked from my house to my moms yard in the early morning hours .We stopped and she sat in a swing and i a lawn chair in front of her. it was as though something said for me to look up. i looked up, straight up. it looked like the moon in size and color. while i was looking up it jumped in size 3-4 times and was sitting treetop high. directly behind us in the driveway is a very large and old pine tree. and this thing was sitting right above it. i stood up because of the size so i could turn in a circle looking at how large this thing was. i backed over my chair . it was larger than a football field. it didn't make a sound while it was decending. but then i remember hearing a humming noise and the colors changed. it turned to a orangish yellow and was swirling around . looked like molten metal. i was standing looking straight up. then i blinked and it wasn't there any more. my sister is standing inches from my face looking straight up. i turned and looked around and saw it sliding over my moms house and out of sight. i noticed the top of the tall gum tree limbs with few leaves showing in the light. i noticed as it slid past , no leaves moved at all. i ran around behind the house. but there wasn't any sign of it or moving lights. i was walking back and met my sister half way. she ask if i had saw it and i said no. we were walking back to the swing looking up at the sky. looking for anything to move. the sky was crystal clear al.Ost 3d . she said she was tired . she went in my moms house and i walked home. now when we first left my house, every light in my house was on. my wife was going to clean the kitchen . my radio was playing music loud and the tv was on. when i got home every light was off. the house was clean and my wife was asleep. we should have only been gone 15-20 min. when i saw the bed all i wanted to do was sleep. i didn't remember this for 6 yrs. my sister and her husband were visiting. she was talking about something and it triggered a memory of the thing hovering above the trees. i said you guys aren't gonna believe this but for some reason i was in moms yard ind middle of the night and this thing came down. my sister said i was there remember. she had come down from dallas for an apt. with her lawyer for an auto accident. her husband had been sterile since he was a teen. my sister had a son the next june. which is 9 months later. he was born with staph all over his body and almost died from it. my sister didn't have it , it was in the bag with the baby. when i was a teen , i like to go rabbit hunting. i woke up in january 1977 in the middle of the night at the edge of woods in tall dead grass, peeing. i was wearing only a pair of briefs. no socks or shirt. i was about 300 feet from my moms house. it was close to 0%. the ground was covered with ice and sharp gum ball from the many gum trees. when i first woke, i was still warm all over it took a few minutes to finish peeing and start getting cold. when i went back to the house i crunched frozen water puddles and sharp gum balls. it was as though i jousted stepped out of warmth to take a leak. the gum balls should have woke me up or the cold. i've never sleep walked before or since. i wish i knew what i've missed.

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Credit: MUFON

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