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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on 2019-02-14 01:25:00 - Watched it for some time i had a feeling it was a ufo when i first saw it.

I was watching a bright light in a same location where i have spotted something strange hovering before. this time i was in a completely different area but it still looked as if it was hovering where i had previously seen it. i tried to video it and you can see the bright white dot on screen however zooming in made the pixels cover much of the light, as it started coming closer i became abit uneasy but i kept watching it, i had a weird feeling that it could see me it seemed to be moving towards me. it rose higher into the sky with ease and i could see different lights, one was like a big bright stage light but really bright and it was pulsating in my direction, it got closer i’m not too good with distance measurement but i’d say it was a few roses of houses away now when it stopped directly in front of me like it had spotted me, by this point i’d gone from watching it out of my window to peeking at it through the curtains, genuinely quite nervous at this point heart was racing. i have a feeling it definitely noticed me watching it. i turned away from the window and peeked again 30 seconds above and this craft was just above my house and i could now hear it, sounded like a plane but quieter and i could feel the vibration it was giving off, pulsating in my ears. i sat down cos by this point i was quite scared so i tried to ignore it. i heard the noise of this thing get louder and quieter for about 10 minutes like it was circling me from above. i saw 2 big fan propells underneath this craft. that’s about as much as i can describe

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Credit: MUFON

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