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Monday, February 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Leek, Groningen on 1976-07-07 01:15:00 - Bright blue ball like

We were night fishing just outside the town of leek, staffordshire, england, myself and 2 friends, it was a nice night neither warm or cold, shall i say comfortble, i was relaxing , just talking to my friend who sat to the left side of me, i was not looking at him only talking the way way normally did, i was looking at the sky i could see an airplane over to the left hand sise of me heading towards manchecter airport (i take it}, i was just looking about in all directions the were in front and above me, when i noticed this weird blue light comng down the valley towards us, it was very bright also dull at times, its speed was strange, it was what i call slow, i must have been watching it for a few minutes before i asked one of my friends to take a look above his head, which i dont know if he did or not, i asked him if he could see what i was looking at he said yes, but that was all he said, nothing more, i stood up and watched it, with my legs shaking at the time, i have no ideas why?..The blue light veried of to the left and was about to go out of my eye sight, so i ran up the hill which was right behind us, only a couple of hundren yards to the top of it, where i watche this object or whatever it was for a fare few minutes,i should say maybe 29 to 25 minutes in total from the first time i saw it, from my position it was to the right side of the local town which is to my leftside, i seemed to go in an oval direction towards the back of the town (leek) i watched it as long as i could do, i last sw it more or less over a tv or radio transmitter?, it could have been way behind the transmitter as thats a long way away from there i say watching, from the hill..I know it happened a very long time ago, i did report it at the time when i got home, and found out a lady walking her dog had also seen it the same thing?..I was left a for to fill in but i made such a right mess of filling out the form i never sent it back to the people that came to see me.. ever since that day ive seen and watched lots of strange lights in the sky but none so clear as the one i saw on the 7th july, i have also takien photos of many, some are very clear 2 or 3 in perticular..Most whitnessed by myself and others that were with me at the time..

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Credit: MUFON

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