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Monday, February 25, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Fort Gratiot, Michigan on 2015-05-06 09:10:00 - The ufo was blimp shaped and silvery, was reflective.

I was at the bus stop, 9 am waiting for the bus, it was super foggy, we could hear cars since we were near a highway, i checked my ipod and it was 9:10 am. i chatted with my dad for a minute and played on my ipod, then i looked up and time literally stopped. the highway cars stopped making noise, the car driving by stopped in its tracks, my dad and the others stopped moving and didn't blink, so naturally, i panicked and tried to get them to move or respond in some way. then i heard a noise, i will try my best to describe, it was like a deep buzz with a high pitch wobbly noise. and i looked and saw a blimp shaped silver ufo, i truly thought i was having a crazy hallucination or was dreaming, but i smacked my face as hard as i could and it hurt a lot. i didn't believe in ufo's until that point and i tried to snap a photo to prove it, but my camera turned pure white and the videos never showed anything even if i centred the craft on the screen. the thing flew near a power line and stayed there, i noticed that the noise got louder and higher pitched the longer it stayed there. then it rotated to face me and shone a blood red beam on me, i felt oddly calm, then i heard a voice say something in a language that is not human. it then rotated 180 degrees and angled up about 45 degrees and zipped up so fast i could barely see it as it flew into the fog. time resumed and as soon as it did i told everyone, but everyone said nothing happened and i just wanted attention. i felt sad and frustrated because no one believed me. every now and then i have dreams of the future only as far as 2 weeks, i see the date of the event and everything important that happens, i even saw the vegas shooting on t.V. in my dream 2 years ago, a week before it happened (i'm dead serious) but i waved it off... it happens less and less each year and i only had 2 this year. i forget the dreams sometimes. and i wonder every single day, why did they pick me? out of billions i was the one they contacted...

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Credit: MUFON

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