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Friday, February 8, 2019

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Alien Encounter in Liverpool, New York on 1991-08-31 00:00:00 - Glowing men observed me as a young girl.

I was asleep in my crib when something had startled me awake. the sight of two glowing beings appeared at my doorway. as i got my self up, as if within the blink of an eye, these beings had moved to the left of the room and slightly in front of me. of course as any 2 and a half year old, i began crying for my parents (they heard nothing). i began to freak out and had begun to crawl out of my crib. during this fatal escape, the beings had not moved yet i could feel their stare on me. by some miracle i had maneuvered my crib bars and scuttled my butt down a flight of stairs. stopped at the gate to the basement, my cries were finally heard and responded to... fast forward 16 years later, having had several reoccurring dreams of that night and believing it had all been a dream. of all ways to trigger the reality of a dream, a psychic had told me the two who had visited me when i was young were not evil but of light and love. i was being observed by a race called the arcturians. he then told me to ask my mom about the time i escaped the glowing men. my mother had indeed never forgotten that night and how i not only got to her but of hot terrified i'd been. what i'd spent many years pushing back as a fantismal dream was an actual reality. ever since they woke me up again...I see more.

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Credit: MUFON

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