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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Citrus Heights, California on 1991-07-01 03:30:00 - Odd encounter in the early morning

First, i'd like to say that the year is approximate and i couldn't tell u the month or day but the time it happened is dead on. i awoke early one morning to a strange hum coming from out front. not knowing what it was i went to the front window a peeked out. across the street hovering just above an open field was an object that i can only say was a classic "ufo" shape. it wasn't a sphere or a cigar or a triangle tho. i'd guess it was 40 feet across and maybe 30 feet tall. from the window to this object was maybe 60 feet. it was close, clearly visible and huge. there was a dome on top that wasn't exactly see thru but close. below that was 2 rows of lights, one above the other, flashing beautiful colours in what was random at the time but may have been communication when i think about it as an adult. the hum continued as it hung there above the field. so a bit freaked out i ran to my bed and covered up. couldn't have been long, few minutes, before i observed 3 figures pass my window, rite to left, headed towards the back yard and my parents room. i saw these figures through a covered window and maybe from the shoulders up. i managed to muster some courage and left my room. next to my room and just up the hall was my brothers room and parents room. after checking on my little brother and seeing nothing i went into my parents room. i was unable to wake them after quite a few attempts and decided to crawl in between them. i'll say this, i was freaked out when i couldn't wake either of them. i don't remember how this event ends. i don't feel like anything bad happened or some post traumatic effects left over. i believe this is the only event of this nature that i have experienced.

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Credit: MUFON

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