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Thursday, February 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Richmond, Virginia on 1978-06-30 00:00:00 - Hovering entity on glowing disk/orb watching me

It was 1978, i was 11. i was visiting my aunt in richmond, virginia for a week. i awoke from a deep sleep finding myself completely paralyzed. i can see everything in the bedroom was in its place, the clock on the wall was ticking and the curtains waving from a slight breeze, this was during summer we had the windows open. the sounds around me, felt normal but i can hear a low humming/buzzing sound. i can only move my eyes and i found a "being" with light colored hair, light colored skin watching me. she was sitting on a disk or an orb. it wasn't clear what she was sitting on. i thought it looked like a white glowing tire. i got a sense that it was a female. she had a benevolent feeling about her. she was also glowing. i could see her eyes following me. her eyes were really striking, almost glowing. she was slowly hovering at the foot of my bed. hovering right to left. she slowly faded and then disappeared. as soon as she was gone, i immediately regained control of my body. this entity visited me every night around 3am for 6 straight nights. it frightened me to death and i was afraid to fall sleep. on the fourth night of these visits, i tried really hard to move a part of my body. i was able to move a finger. as soon as i did this, she faded and disappeared. i knew if i wanted her to go away, i can move a part of my body. but the visits didn't stop when i got home from virginia. it was the last visit that was really strange. she followed me home and again at 3 am, i awoke again paralyzed to find her watching me. another entity came through the walls, this time it was a male. same light colored hair, light colored skin, glowing and hovering, took her by the hand and both faded and disappeared. the visits stopped. it affected me to this day. i've been seeing orbs and ufos in the skies.

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Credit: MUFON

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