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Saturday, February 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Gorey, County Wexford on 2019-01-29 18:45:00 - A blinking sphere shape object of mainly blue/red/green/gold that hovered and then descended slowly

1. i normally look out through the window of my garden door to check if the sky is clear to go out sky watching before going out to my rear garden. 2. as i scanned the skies from inside my house at rear door i noticed a shimmering star-like object in the distant nw sky above buildings immediately at rear of my house. 3. after a ten minute observation i concluded the object was a similar object i had seen a few months earlier. it was not a star as this area of sky no star exists there. this was when i summoned my wife to witness the object and get her opinion. she concluded it was indeed a a similar object we had witnessed months earlier in the exact same location. 4. compared to other stars, this object was slightly bigger and more shimmering than other stars. it shimmered different colours - blue, red, green, gold, white. i noted that it was hovering but descending very slowly. i could judge the movement and direction of the object as i was stationary and i could mark it's movement/path against the building in front of me. it finally disappeared behind the building out of view. 5. i was excited that i was given a second chance to try and capture this object either on camera or video. i rushed inside my house and got my mobile phone and returned to take a video of it. my mobile was not good enough and so i got my wife's mobile and began to video the object. i was not confident that i would capture anything as i could see nothing on the screen. i had seconds to capture the descending object before it disappeared behind the building. what we just witnessed was a action replay of similar object a few months earlier. i must add that the object appeared as one bright object in the sky, but when i replayed the zoomed -in footage i was surprised to find that the single object was now appearing as several blinking objects. 6. immediately behind my house and in front of me is a commercial one-storey building. the object was hoovering in the distance above and to the left of the building. the object slowly descended moving right towards the building and finally disappeared out of view behind building. it reminded me of watching a sunset!

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Credit: MUFON

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