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Monday, February 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Burlington, Vermont on 2019-02-10 19:49:00 - Outside back porch clear observed two blinking lights that moved faster than anything i ever saw before they would disappear and reappear in new spot it was like nothing i've ever seen and simply blows my mind!!!

I was outside smoking a cigarette when i observed two blue lights blinking as if they were a plane. i recognized that they were different than anything i have ever seen before so i yelled to my wife who came outside with her phone! we both witnessed the lights move about faster and more agile than anything i had ever seen! it would disappear and reappear again and again in different spots with speeds that would smack your brain off your skull. it was as if it was defying gravity or warping space beyond anything that is known to the average guy such as me!! and yes i do have amazing video of the object i am stunned and my wife and i can't seem to take our minds off the event, please contact us the crazy thing is that we witnessed a different event last nite with my brother in- law and have footage of that as well but it was totally different than tonight's observations different colors speeds and situation and time this is crazy but i did report last nights incident to police and left message to burlington international airport!!!!! i have video of both incidents!! wow! contact us please.Our feeling are that of astonishment excitement and curiousity we lost site of the object tonight when it dropped below the horizon or landed below tree line and last nite it kept on a straight line until it disappeared out of site! both nights were so clear that there is no mistaking these events. i'm keeping my footage until i'm contacted thank you i look forward to hearing from someone.

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Credit: MUFON

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