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Monday, February 25, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on 2019-02-25 20:33:00 - Bright light hovering over hospital then light disappears. outline was observed of an oval shape object.

I was driving down i44 going north passing nw 50th street. i had just got off of work. i saw a really bright light thinking it was a plane or helicopter not thinking much of it. i was thinking the light was too bright to be a plane or helicopter. there was no flashing lights or a beam shining down like helicopters do. once i saw the light flicker off. the object traveled east to south east moving really slow. i would say about 40mph but im not positive about the speed. it was slow. i was trying to keep my eyes on the road and look over and over as much as i could. i then see the outline of the object. and i see a oval shape object with the lights off. this was at night time. it must have been pretty low to see the outline of it. i was surprised. i hope this was a ufo because this would be my first one. by the way no sound at all. even when im driving down the highway you can hear helicopters and planes. there was no sound but road noise. i wanted to follow it but once i got under the nw expressway bridge i didnt see it again and there was no exit for awhile.. -da

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Credit: MUFON

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