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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Montecito, California on 2019-02-24 16:45:00 - High altitude reflecting or glowing white stationary object

I was explaining previous! sighting i had to a friend in the summer of 2018 in montecito, ca. mid afternoon (i did not report) in whitch i observed a high altitude stationary white object above me (reminded me of a stray white balloon that didn't move). as i observed the stationary object, i then observed a high speed glowing red light appear fron the north east and begin circling around the stationary object, in a perfect radius. (approx. 3-4 times faster than commercial jet) then the red light then disappeared. i looked away in disbelief and strangely never looked back again. when i asked a friend next to me, if he could see anything in the sky. he confirmed seeing an object above us. the red light had allready dissapeared and i never mentioned it to him. but he did confirm he seeing the first object i observed. fast forward 8 months. as i explained this story to my friend, and pointed up to where the previous event had taken place in the sky. i now saw a similar high altitude stationary white object again! (i'm not sure how to calc the odds of this! no matter what we were observing). we then both began to observe the stationary object with only our eyes, and a few minutes later binoculars. it remained stationary as a civilian plane passed by far below it. i could see it was above the very few and faint clouds as they passed below the object. then i noteced (2) high altitude commercial jets flying toward the general direction of the stationary object. i was curious to see what the object would do (if anything) as the jets approached. i looked down to prepare my neck for another long stare upward. we looked back up. and neither of us could see the object. we didn't see how it arrived or how it departed. the jets maintained there courses. the whole event lasted on or under 10 min. the timing, location and similarities of these two events, less than a year apart..... i find extremely fascinating!

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Credit: MUFON

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