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Thursday, February 21, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Shawnee, Kansas on 2018-10-23 05:48:00 - 2 eye witnesses, decent video taken after ascent, during hovering and directional changes. object surrounded by halos.

1. smoking tobacco outside 2. it ascended straight up slowly over the tree line directly in front of me and it’s halos we’re extremely bright despite it being a large distance from me 3. a satellite maybe, but the halos did not make sense, as they were constantly moving, rotating, and i could see something very solid that was inside of them. 4. object appeared in my sight when it ascended over the tree line directly up before maintaining its altitude. i then observed that it was something solid enveloped in what appeared to be rotating “halos” of a parabolic nature for lack of better terms. i observed it move to the east then stop and move back to the west. i was observing it to my south. i ran inside to get my phone and wake up the second eye witness after watching this go on for some time (over 20 minutes). i don’t believe in “alien” visitation. i feel it is exponentially more likely to be visited by humans from a parallel universe than it is to have an evolutionary anomaly where beings from another planet appear humanoid. both are insanely unlikely. however, i was able to recover a very good 5 minute video considering how dark it was and that i was using an iphone x as the recording device. i have only shared this video with the other witness and one other person for obvious reasons. i don’t know what i saw, and the last thing i want is for people to misuse this footage without my consent. i also don’t want to be attacked verbally or otherwise. i lost sight of the object because it eventually shrank into nothing, as though ascending so fast that it left my field of vision. it was not moving in any cardinal direction at that point. i do not wish to give sharing permissions for this video without being consulted first verbally.

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Credit: MUFON

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