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Sunday, March 31, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Carlsbad, California on 2018-08-28 23:30:00 - We all observed strange lights in the sky

My sister, her best friend we had known for about a decade and i went to her boyfriend’s job. he worked as a referee for pop warner football. we went to the game to watch and hangout. the games ended around nine-ten o clock or so. we went into the parking lot away from the field because they had to close it up. we could hear other people talking and carrying on in the parking lot, but could not see them. the lot was apparently empty and we stopped talking for a second when we all focused our attention on a point in the sky that lit up. it was a huge white light that shot up and brightened the sky, like a bright lighting flash. the source was a huge shooting ball of light, there was a trail of light behind it, but no smoke or left over trail. it launched into the sky, changed to a blue color that radiated out from the white. i had half expected to hear an explosion delayed, like a firework or something explainable, but heard nothing. the entire parking lot that has once been filled with jovial conversation was now silent. it shot up, flashed again and suddenly changed position straight, then, without seeing it trail off, it just disappeared from the sky. i had been sitting on this for months and wrote down the date when it occurred so as not to forget, but i can’t seem to remember the details as clearly as i had then. as soon as it faded, the other, more loud group, reacted to the noise in a loud fashion. immediately after, i remember asking and confirming what i had just seen with the group and then asking the time. i don’t remember the time, but i could not tell if we had missed any. it is almost like i am encouraged to forget.

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Credit: MUFON

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