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Friday, March 22, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sand Springs, Oklahoma on 2019-03-21 17:05:00 - This was a very large either cigar or disc darl coloured object

On 21/3/19 1 was travelling on the 1605 lmtt easy jet flight from budapest to london gatwick . i was sat in a window seat 10 f on the starboard side of the aircraft. i had been reading a book and paying no attention to the outside. at about 1705 bst i had put my book down and was looking out the window. i believe that we were travelling at a height of about 35000 ft and on looking down i saw we were crossing over a large weather front and heading over the cloud that was many thousands of feet below. i also saw another plane travelling in the same direction but s little below us. this plane i believed turned away from us to starboard as we started to gain on it yet it was getting further away. i noticed there was a wispy layer of white cloud about the same height as us s little way away but i couldn’t estimate the exact distance. i became aware that within the cloud was a very large dark patch that had the shape of s pencil. i continued to watch and the shape appeared to pirhouette from its starboard side down. this led to the top part of it protruding straight up and out of the cloud. it appeared to be solid and almost had a disc type shape.It was dark in colour with no conceivable markings. i continued to observe this and it ritatef back into the cloud and i could see it through the light cloud as being s darker shape within the plane continued on but the object just slowly fell behind as if stationary i was aware the object was far far bigger than our aircraft but i have absolutely no idea what i saw

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Credit: MUFON

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