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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Tauranga Taupo, on 2018-12-07 12:44:00 - White elongated rectangular ufo spotted in taupo, new zealand

I was driving on state highway 1 from taupo towards taupo airfield in a south westerly direction on friday, 7th december 2018. at 12:44pm, on a clear sunny day (with minor clouds) to the far left i spotted a stationery bright white coloured elongated rectangular shaped object hovering on top of the embankment. i was completely amazed and was unable to pull off the road since i had traffic behind me. at first i thought it must be some new radar device since it is near the taupo airport but i quickly eliminated that thought since the object̢۪s base was non-existent. it just quietly stayed in the air, hovering without turning at all. my gps displayed 1.8 kilometres from the traffic circle (which was up ahead - passed the airport). after i continued to drive onwards almost 200 metres, i pulled the car over but since the embankment on my left continued to obscure my view, i was unable to see and continued to drive for another 200 metres (still looking to my left - to see whether i could spot this object again if it were to move)... as the embankment cleared, a gap appeared where i was able to see a line of trees in a field and to my utter amazement, the same object (or it could have been another), hovered just a little lower than the tree line (in front of a tree) in the far distance. i was totally shocked and have reported this sighting to taupo airport but have had no corroboration of my sighting at all. as i thought more of what i have just witnessed (whilst continuing to drive), i realised that the ufo had two diagonal stripes on right bottom corner (pointing inwards). this i haven̢۪t realised at all upon witnessing the object - it may have well been some kind of subliminal image that was imprinted in my mind. i am to this day very perplexed to what i have witnessed and it is plaguing my mind. i am just very disappointed that i had no other passenger present in the car whom i could have shared this experience with.

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Credit: MUFON

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