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Sunday, March 17, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Chorley, England on 2019-03-14 18:45:00 - Large star seems t obe getting bigger, turn on camera, focus and then it turns away.

Location approximately 18:45 on the evening of 14th march 2019. i was parked in tesco's car park, buckshaw village, chorley, lancashire, uk. sighting i had just got myself settled into the driver's seat when i noticed what at first appeared to be a very bright star. this seemed odd as at the time the clouds were eight eighths. as i looked at id for about five seconds it remained in a stead position but seemed to be getting larger. i couldn't see any navigation lights, not even a hint of red or green on the side and there wasn't the obligatory flash of a strobe light. i pulled my phone out of my pocked, unlocked it, and turned on the camera in video mode. the attached video is eleven seconds long. within a couple of seconds of zooming in my camera, the object turned to my left and disappeared into the clouds. it was observable a couple of seconds longer than the camera could see it and it was noticeable that there was no cloud glow as would have been expected from an aircraft nose light. thoughts because it didn't display any of the normal aircraft lights i don't think it was an aircraft or a helicopter. there were no high speed movements and the fact that it moved when i focused in only could have been purely coincidental. about six years ago i had a similar sighting. this one was approximately 400 meters to the right of where i saw this one and about 200 meters forwards. that one had an orange glow about it. over the past months i have noticed a start at night and in the morning that appears to be in the same place and what i thought was an aircraft that seemed to be still until i got out of my car before flying away. the odd thing about these manoeuvre's is that i can arrive home up to an hour different.

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Credit: MUFON

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