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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Southgate, Michigan on 2019-03-23 15:53:00 - Several orbs star like as bright as the sun

On this date, saturday 23 of march, 2019, while sitting in the hot tub at the ymca southgate, mi. i looked up east on the horizon and i saw star-like clusters. my first impression was of surprise thinking to myself “why in the world am i seeing stars in the daylight�. upon a close look and analysis of the cluster i detected they were formed in a constellation pattern to which i clearly identified the big deeper formation. this increased my curiosity as to why am i seeing this on the daylight and to make sure that i wasn’t seeing things i brought it to the attention of another guy, my son 9, and the pool guard to which all acknowledged what i was seeing. i asked to the guy next to me “how can we be seeing stars on the sky� turning to him to which he replied “they aren’t stars! they are moving!€�. i turned back to look up and in fact they were moving in several forms and semicircular motion. these objects were as bright as the sun and the number of objects making the big deeper pattern were seven and several more to the right of the horizon. i realized this was a unique sighting and to document the time i looked to my wristwatch and it was 1553. i looked up and all the star-like orbs made a circle in the sky and they collapse into one a bit bigger. i looked at the time and it was 1557. i decided to get my phone to record this and by the time i was back there were two left very far and very small. i don’t think you can make it out on the video i made but i was still able to spot them in the horizon and gradually they fainted away. my mind was blown. this is the second time i’ve seen something crazy but i never said anything in regards the first time i saw something although, i was completely vindicated in an official military report. anyway, this is what i just saw. i am attaching the video i made but you can not see the two final star-like objects on film however i was still able to look at them with my naked eye until they faded away. perhaps you have a way to detect them in the video. this is it.

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Credit: MUFON

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