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Friday, March 22, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Mendham, New Jersey on 1989-05-26 17:00:00 - Massive space shop similar to close encounters of the 3rd kind film but larger. hovering above clouds

I was traveling east on rt 24 bet morristown and mendham along with a ton of other cars so others should have seen the behemoth ship. this was commuting time late afternoon. the massive ship was traveling along w cars but it was going at same pace as cars. i turned streets to go home and got driveway entered and ship stopped w me so i got out of car and waved to them and tried to sign to them in a joyful way---waving. it stayed put for awhile. apparently it had an interest in me. i sensed that they detected a health issue perhaps they wanted to take me for study? but because they are ions ahead of stupid humans, sensed i was diabetic and mot grab me up? if they wanted to grab me up? i know they were watching me and i just wanted to meet them as life beyond is clearly so wonderful and and exciting. i was younger at time and bit wary but i did wave to them. i wish they could track me down and meet me as i'd love to talk to them. darn it!!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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