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Sunday, March 3, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Salida, Colorado on 2018-08-05 22:05:00 - Glowing orbs of light that were observed pulsating. not the first time we’ve seen this.

Around 10 on august 5, 2018, my business partner called me outside. she had been observing these “lights in the mountain� (mt. shavano). she told me she had been up in the middle of the night multiple times and had seen these lights. the best analogs would be what is seen at marta and mt. adams. i went outside and watched the show with her. i did make sure we weren’t seeing headlamps from hikers who were doing a night climb. these lights were in the nearly vertical scree filled cliffs of the mountain and nowhere near any trails. it was also a clear, cloudless night. we stood there and watched the light hover, pulsate (getting very bright and then dimming to nothing), move fast then stop on a dime. it stayed in the same general area of the mountain, moving below tree line (around 11,200’) and then up to about 13,000’. my house is at nearly 9,000’. we watched this go on for over 30 minutes. i told my business partner there was more than one light and that i was seeing smaller ones shoot out of the main one. she said my eyes were playing tricks on me. after multiple failed attempts, i was able to get about 45 seconds of video from my phone. before success, my phone would “record� but it was literally blank. as in it recorded nothing, including our dialog. i showed the video to a friend and told her nothing. she had the same observation i did that there was more than 1 light. there was no sound from the object. my biz partner confirmed that this was the same thing she had been seeing in the middle of the night many times (she lives on the coast and was having an issue with sleeping at altitude all summer). i have no reason to think this was a drone or anything else like that. my back yard literally borders blm and national forest. i don’t see how anyone could access that area of shavano, not even wildlife. the next morning i took out my binoculars to see if i could see any evidence of this things being there, but i didn’t.

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Credit: MUFON

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