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Saturday, March 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 1974-03-16 21:00:00 - Observed object for 5-6 minutes

I was on the third or fourth floor of a building and i was looking out of the window facing southwest. i noticed a light on the horizon that i assumed was an airplane. the light appeared to be going back and forth and left and right. i then changed my assumption from an airplane to a helicopter. i then looked around the sky.And across the skyline briefly, but i was drawn back to this light. as i continued to observe the light, i realized that it was not going back and forth but rather it was making big circles. i was fairly certain that i was watching a helicopter that was perhaps searching for something as it made this circular pattern. the distance across these circles was at least a half a mile, maybe a little more. i was curious as to what the heck this helicopter was actually doing. it wasn't moving very fast but i realized as it made a circle each time, it was getting closer to my location. i'm going to estimate that this light was over ten miles away when i first noticed it. i was now fixated on this light desperately trying to figure out what it actually was, and what it was doing. i realized with one or two more circles i'm going to get a close look at it. as i anxiously waited for just one more circle, the light darted off into space faster than anything i have ever seen. in a snap, it was gone. i watched it go, but only for a half of a second. it was gone. i watched the surrounding sky for a bit and then i turned away from the window. a friend was approaching me and she asked what was wrong? i did not realize that i had tears running down my face. i know that i clearly saw what i saw. that is my story.

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Credit: MUFON

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