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Friday, March 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Pahrump, Nevada on 2017-12-05 20:15:00 - The separate lights jumping from left to right in a sequence.

This was noted over a year ago and just now had time to report this. i originally emailed a description the very next day as copy/pasted from email: i sometimes jog at night in the crisp 40-deg. weather when i don't get a chance to in the day. tonight i was blown away and contacted my retired marine father in law right after i saw something. i saw a string of 3-bright lights out toward a-51. it was very similar to the videos on youtube for the phoenix lights. about 8pm nv time. the trailing light on the right side would start to dim as a new brighter light way ahead of the other, or other two would light up on the left side. it seemed like the lights would leap frog each other going from the right to the left. it only lasted about 15-sec. but i know what i saw. i went out later after with my phone but saw nothing after waiting a half hr. in the cold. has anyone else seen this? i will try to go out every night to catch on video but i bet it's military and a very random occurrence so they don't attract attention. thx, jeff i was jogging and didn't take it serious enough and was not patient enough to wait to see it leave. when i went back to get a camera it was gone. after thinking about it, it makes more sense that it could have been a larger ship slowly rotating to where i would see a forward light begin to dim and then a new light coming around would be bright. this very much matches the descriptions of the folks living in the phoenix, az hills when the phoenix lights were seen. i have gone out jogging many nights since and am very disappointed i haven't seen them again. in my mind i am convinced that the phoenix lights originally started here in pahrump, and then migrated to henderson, nv and on to phoenix, az. the documented studies say they originated in henderson, but we are just over the hill from henderson. i am happy to explain my sighting over the phone.

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Credit: MUFON

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