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Thursday, March 21, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Delhi, Ontario on 2016-06-02 03:00:00 - Middle of the night big rumbling blue disk

Delhi ontario. i was skateboarding home from a friends around 3am. headphones were full blast and i thought i could head a motor circle cumming up behind me. i had just reached the top of a huge hill so i kept looking for the headlight to appear. i felt warm and i looked up to see a huge blue disk. it would had blended in with the day sky but this was 3am. it was only 30-40 feet up and moving about 25-30 mph. 2 black jets were about half a mile behind also flying at crazy slow speed. black jets had 2 rear thrusters and one in the front. thrusters were aming downwards but i felt no heat like i did from the ufo. to this day i still cry if i think to deeply about it

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Credit: MUFON

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