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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Grass Valley, California on 2007-11-15 03:10:00 - Luminous orb appeared in my house at around 3:00 am in november, 2007.

I live in grass valley, ca out in the woods. i must admit that i’m much more attentive to my surroundings since i’ve started listening to your show last summer. one never knows if sasquatch might be lurking behind a tree, seriously. anyway, i wanted to share with you my perplexing sighting, not that it was a sasquatch but it has haunted me and i just don’t know where to put it in my life and rational experience. here goes, in mid november of 2007 i was lying in bed on my back and fully awake. it was 3:00 am and my wife was asleep next to me. i was comfortable with three pillows propped up under my back and feeling peaceful in the quiet of that early morning hour. i suddenly became aware that there was an illuminated orb about the size of a soccer ball just beyond the foot of the bed about six feet off of the ground. i first noticed it at about the ten o’clock position. it was illuminated from inside from the lower left quadrant and about the brightness of two candles with an orange hue not unlike a candle flame emits. i could see that it had internal structure which put me in mind of the structure found in a geodesic dome. the orb moved slowly across the bedroom in an upward arc to a height of about seven feet. it did not roll but rather seemed to float across the room. it took about ten or fifteen seconds to cross the room and when it reached the opposite wall it vanished. i should mention that it was completely silent and the only sound that i was aware of was the sound of my hair scratching on my pillow as i turned my head to follow the orb. i was utterly without reaction to the presence of the orb. no fear, no curiosity, no happiness, nothing. i never thought to wake my wife which in retrospect seems odd to me. i drifted off to sleep with no thought or reaction to what i had just witnessed. it was about noon of the next day that i recalled witnessing the orb in our bedroom the night before. as i remembered it i felt afraid and uneasy because i had no clue of what i had witnessed and that i had no emotional response to this thing. it was as if it held me spellbound and mesmerized. i don’t know what it was, what it meant or if it had some sort of purpose. i do not know if it was good or evil but i do know that it did not attune my heart toward god. because of that i have a certain sense that it was malevolent but i really don’t know. i have lived with a certain sense of dread that it could return ever since the encounter. it is a big enigma in my life. i am educated, a man of faith and my training is in veterinary medicine. i have an empirical approach to life and tend to see good and beauty in the world but this experience violated my world view and broke all the rules that i had come to accept up to that point in my life.

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Credit: MUFON

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