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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Pennsboro, West Virginia on 2018-07-28 02:00:00 - Several things kept happening for several weeks

We saw an egg shaped object about 3-5 feet tall with amber colored disc lights pulsating on the sides about the size of basketballs, on the bottom was blue and green sparkling lights that flickered and flashed, and it was a dull humming like deep resinating sound. then we could see foot prints walking in the grass but nothing was there as it approached us. my boxer dog standing next to me started whining and turned her head away. then something slapped her side like 3-4 times as if to try and play or make her bite, then she just fell down like dead but was in a trance. then something touched my head in the back like a couple taps and then i came to on the couch feeling like something was holding me down. i then had the bible start racing threw my mind on everything in it as if i have known the bible for every word, which now i know it and don't know how i know it all, but whatever touched my head showed me that the bible is all about aliens and ufos. angels are aliens as you will. then a couple days past and we was out picking berries along the side of the yard and saw a human like figure that looked as if the had on a gilly suit but more like they had padded themselves with moss like stuff and had a reptile like face about 40 yards from us and it just watched us for about 20 minutes, and when i went to go for protection it jumped like 50-60 yards straight over the hill before it's feet hit again and was gone. then a few weeks pass by and the dogs start going crazy wanting outside. but when they ran around the garage in the dark, as soon as they did they came back screeching in fear. megan and i walk around the garage to be confronted with a sashquash!!! i know i'm going to the nut house for even telling these events. but the next day as i go into town at night, the same egg shaped thing followed me and every time i stopped somewhere it stopped to. so i decide to try and hide from it so me and my boxer take off running and hide in some bushes. a minute or so pass and i can see in the grass of these people yard that foot steps are walking towards us, three different sets of them. they done the same thing to my dog as a few weeks before and then i can see the branches of the bush im hiding in start to open up as to make it like a cave i'm in. as i can see one branch is bending really hard like it's about to break, i jump at it swinging and feel like electric course threw me and it just knocked me down. i get up and start to run and my dog starts running but right into the side of a house. i call her and see turns towards me somewhat and starts running and runs past me and into the side of a parked car, my dog was blind. she was blind for like 3 days, and has been blind a couple times since this that only last about three days. i pick her up and run to a store and get out my cell phone to call for my girlfriend to come get me and my dog, but my cell phone was acting crazy and said i was on the phone with someone but wouldn't hang up either. so i call from the store and my girlfriend and another friend come get us. i tell them about it and they are freaking out. then about 2am as we were all setting around talking about all the strange stuff, we see headlights pull in to the front door, and we hear a car door shut and then a knock at the door. i tell come in but nobody does. i walk over and open the door and there is nobody there and no vehicle. we had no need or in the country and a very long drive we can see 150 yards of. it just was gone, vanished. so i shut the door and go tell them we didn't see a vehicle pull in and nobody knocked. but we all know what we saw. everyone where i'm from knows that i am a straight up guy but don't play games cause your life is in the balance when it comes to lying, cheating and stealing, i will shoot over this stuff! so i took my girlfriend and moved the very next day but still stuff keeps happening, like my house phone rings and it's my house phone calling my house phone???? what? i answer it to some fax machine like noise. we have went back to that house to visit a friend and they have weird stuff happening there to still to this day. and that egg shaped hoovering object i still see on a weekly.

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Credit: MUFON

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